On Wednesday, January 11th, the CFO RoundTable presented “Coming to Terms: Financing Strategies for Organizational Growth,” which presented a diverse panel of experts who covered different types of financing resources available to companies today.

click here for presentation 1 of 2 and click here for presentation 2 of 2)

  • Joan McArdle, Senior Vice President, Mass Capital Resources (To download her presentation, please click here)
  • David Mullen, Regional Manager, Equipment Finance, TD Bank Equipment Finance (To download his presentation, please click here)
  • Scott Sanborn, SVP, Commercial Lending, TD Bank (To download his presentations, click here for presentation 1 of 2 and click here for presentation 2 of 2)
  • From this session, attendees learned:

    • The various financing sources that are available and be able to ascertain which are applicable to their company at its specific stage in life and which are not.
    • How to evaluate the costs to the company, both in cash (and/or equity dilution) that will occur.
    • The various terms and conditions used in these different alternatives.
    • The key strategic elements that are negotiated in the term sheet acceptance process including financial covenants, pricing and fees, reporting requirements and documentation.
    • How to evaluate actual term sheets and documents used in the various types of transactions and discover the negotiability and non negotiability of certain aspects in various different type of financings.

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