CFO Communications Tiops

So after a few years of producing CFO and Controller-level programming focused entirely on communications, one would think that we’ve overdone the subject. But in our own opinion, we’ve barely scratched the surface of effective communications strategies.

While there’s more for us to learn, we have picked up a few tips along the way:

  • Authenticity and transparency aren’t just buzzwords. These days, more people look to CFOs for the unvarnished truth than any other member of their executive team. Establishing trust with your influencers, whether they be your employees, your management team, your board or your shareholders, kicks off with authentic, transparent communication. Or rather, be yourself and tell the truth.
  • CFOs must be world-class storytellers. As so eloquently put by one of our recent speakers: “CFOs must make the numbers sing, and give them a life off of the paper.”From understanding their audience motivations to building a masterful crescendo that moves people to act, CFOs must become world-class storytellers. And that’s no small feat, especially when the root topic is numbers.
  • CFOs must be digitally savvy. It still surprises us to find CFOs who state that their company doesn’t have a social media policy, or, the CFO themselves does not have a LinkedIn profile. And while the platform names change, the message doesn’t – CFOs who succeed in their careers are those who understand how to communicate online, and make the best use of the platforms available to brand themselves.

Of course there’s more to learn, and there’s more that we’ve learned, but rather than spend pages reciting, we thought it best to round up our top five communications articles for CFOs here:

After reading, we encourage you to talk back – what other communications topics are we missing? What other areas are you, as a CFO, struggling to find best practices in communications strategies? Feel free to share and converse in our comments section below. 

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