Fresh off the heels of New Year’s (and our list of resolutions which we resolve to at least think about in 2014,) we’d like to take a moment to reflect back on the year behind us, as well as welcome what’s in store in 2014.

Looking Back on 2013: Kicking Off With A Bang

First, and most excitingly, 2013 was a year of explosive growth for The CFO RoundTable. We were thrilled to welcome our new CFO RoundTable NYC and Controllers RoundTable Boston chapters, the first two of many new chapters we plan to launch over the coming years.

And we couldn’t have asked for a better start. Thanks to the hard work of our CFO and Controller Steering Committees, sponsors and affiliate partners, our new chapters and founding members are flourishing, and each is beginning to show signs of their own unique character and identity.

And yet, while each chapter is unique in its own right (we’re looking at you, NYC), the basics are still the same – our new chapters provide a place for senior financial executives to connect, engage with and learn from their peers in a protected and nurturing setting. 

From these chapters, as well as from our flagship CFO RoundTable Boston chapter, we’ve also produced a stellar series of educational programs built by and for CFOs in the first part of our 2013-2014 season, including:

Of course, most importantly, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming almost 400 members, returning and new, to our organization this season. We couldn’t ask for a better group of members, all of whom are actively involved in driving the growth and trajectory of The CFO RoundTable. From all of us at The CFO RoundTable to all of you – thank you for making our jobs fun, rewarding and exciting. We wouldn’t be here without any of you.

Looking Ahead: What’s In Store In 2014

2014 is looking even better – we’re kicking off January with two fantastic events from The CFO RoundTable Boston and The CFO RoundTable NYC, including:

In February, our Controllers and CFO RoundTable Boston chapters will meet at the same time and place for two programs, “Negotiation Strategies” and “Term Sheet Wars,” which we’re unofficially voting as the best program title of the season.

2014 also heralds the return of our full-day conference series, “The 2014 CFO Technology Conference: Technologies Changing The Way We Work and Live,” featuring keynote addresses from Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder, HubSpot, and Glenda Crisp, CIO, TD Bank Group and expert panels on Big Data, ERP, the New Tech Democracy and Data Security. To learn more about this conference and how you can participate, click here.

Most importantly, this conference will feature our 3rd Annual CFO Social for a Cause, this time to benefit Birthday Wishes, a 501c3 organization founded in Massachusetts, whose mission is to provide birthday parties for homeless children. They provided over 18,000 birthday parties for children in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Long Island, NY, in 2013. 

Think about that number for a second. 18,000 birthday parties. That’s 18,000 kids who have no homes, in just 3 states alone. 18,000 kids who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to celebrate something as simple and cherished as a birthday.

This is, without a doubt, the most cherished and rewarding part of our job. While our mission is to positively impact the professional lives of CFOs, we believe that it is our duty and privilege to give back the rewards that we receive and do something good for our communities. 

Jack and Becky with Brigadier General Darryl A. Williams, 
Assistant Surgeon General of Warrior Care and Transition
and Commander of the Warrior Transition Command, US Army
(in 2012), who we wholeheartedly agree is the most
phenomenal person we’ve met. Who else can get a HOOAH 
and several standing ovations from 300+ CFOs?
No one that we’ve met yet!

Every year that we have a full-day conference, we choose a charity who we believe has the most impact on our communities. Three years ago, we raised $25,000 for Autism Speaks. Last year, we raised $30,000 for the Wounded Warriors Project. And for Birthday Wishes? The sky is the limit. But we do know this – we have never been so inspired as when we see our members come together to do good things for others. 

And that’s our wish for you in 2014 – a year of inspiration, of growth, and of doing good things for yourself and others. 

Cheers to the New Year, and cheers to all of you!

Becky Blackler and Jack McCullough