Revenue Recognition by The CFO RoundTable Boston
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Bentley University’s LaCava Center

Revenue recognition continues to be the most vexing financial reporting challenge for chief financial officers and their teams.  Financial professionals are required to operate in a world of ever-evolving reporting standards and a dynamic technology environment.  High-profile revisions of financial reporting are frequently due to revenue recognition errors. It is therefore imperative that CFO’s remain ahead of the curve.

This program will offer an update on the changes in reporting requirements and available technologies, as well as a pragmatic approach on dealing with these changes from some of the area’s best Chief Financial Officers. 

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Venture Capital Bootcamp by The CFO RoundTable NYC
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
The offices of Goodwin Procter at The New York Times Building 

From seed rounds to private equity, companies have a wealth of financing options to choose from, depending on their stage of growth. However, each round is entirely unique, and has its own set of milestones and effects that can effect company growth and strategy.

Join The CFO RoundTable NYC on Wednesday, March 19, as we present “The Venture Capital Bootcamp,” where our panel of venture capitalists will discuss the differences, benefits and potential side effects of financing rounds. 

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While the 2013-2014 season of The CFO RoundTable is almost over, we still have some fantastic events lined up for our members!

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