The role of senior financial executives has expanded greatly in the past few years. While technical excellence is assumed, the CFO’s new role is now as a partner who runs the business, requiring a new decision-making process that balances multiple perspectives to achieve better performance.

And while there has been amazing growth in the role of the CFO, there are still common derailments that can send a soaring CFO onto the sidelines.

In our session, “So You Think You Can Lead,” hosted at The 2015 CFO Leadership Conference, we’ll take a hard look at the core attributes of leadership as demonstrated by your CFO peers, and provide the self-assessment techniques you need to determine your leadership strengths and areas to improve. You will learn how to:

  • Balance control with growth
  • Lead the charge in adapting new processes and tools that aren’t technically focused
  • Get the right people into the right roles
  • Demonstrate awareness on all sides of a proposal and acknowledge other points of view, even as they move clearly to a decision
  • Demonstrate external focus

This interactive session will use three real-life video examples as platforms to explore not only how you demonstrate leadership, but why you should lead. These video examples will be clips of your fellow CFOs describing his/her challenge. You’ll then convene with a group of conference attendees to discuss how you would respond to that challenge. After discussing your steps as a group, we’ll then present a brief video summary of what actually happened.

From this session, you’ll be armed with a series of leadership techniques and best practices that you can take back to your organization and implement immediately.

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