Advances in technology are changing the business world. For those who think smarter, move faster and execute better, the rewards can be substantial. Information influences everything we do, and comes from all directions, creating both challenges and opportunities.

As we look ahead together to the future of finance, we’ll see better alignment between finance and operations, powered by enhanced analytics that lead to greater insight, streamlined processes and greater business agility.

The future is a great place to be. Especially when you start from here.

Join our National Sponsor, Host Analytics, for The Future of Finance Tour 2015, where you’ll gain insight from thought leaders in Finance and Technology and benefit from understanding how finance teams are using Host Analytics to drive improved performance and stay agile and aligned in this economy.

You will learn:

  • See the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite in action.
  • Learn what’s new in our platform and the solutions and benefits they can bring to your business.
  • Dive deep into the latest features and best practices in EPM and learn how to streamline the financial consolidation and reporting process.
  • Adopt a more dynamic planning and forecasting cycle in your finance department.
  • Reunite finance and operations with robust modeling capabilities and integrate directly with a variety of source systems.
  • Transform your finance processes in your organization.

Events are happening in San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Dallas over the next few months. To register for an event in your city, or to learn more, please visit Host Analytics here.