Congratulations to Jennifer Langley, who has recently been promoted from Marketing Director for our Jacksonville and Atlanta chapters to Southeast Regional Director. Since joining our team in December 2014, Jennifer has made many valuable contributions to The CFO Leadership Council, including executing outstanding events on a shoestring, serving as an exceptional leader at our steering committee meetings, and actively recruiting a diverse group of industry renowned sponsors and speakers   And, now, as she continues to flourish as a vital member of our team, she will devote her time and talents to ensuring that her chapters continue to produce outstanding programs and content, giving our members and sponsors the optimal educational, networking, and promotional opportunities that they deserve and expect.

Here are some of Jennifer’s thoughts and visions.                            

How did you decide to join the team at The CFO Leadership Council?

First of all, who can resist Becky Blackler and Jack McCullough? What a dynamic duo! In addition, Judy Romano, International CFO for Equifax and leader of our outstanding steering committee, continues to help set the stage for great programming. And, all of our steering committee members, along with our membership base, offer so much insight and knowledge of the industry.  The level of professionalism and teamwork at The CFO Leadership Council is the best that I have ever experienced and I am happy to be an integral part of this organization.  

Tell us a little bit about your education background and career path.

Growing up as a child of two entrepreneurs, it is certainly easy to understand why I always had a vision of starting my own business. And, ultimately, it was this ambition that prompted me to build and grow my company, JL Events & Association Management.

Prior to owning my business and following my graduation from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, I served as the Crisis and Communications Manager at The Coca-Cola Company for five years. Here, my duties included risk management insight, departmental communications, crisis planning for the Olympics, and event facilitation for conferences and quality control training. I also implemented action plans for the impact of a flood, which affected the fountain division’s ability to serve beverages in the retail outlets due to potential water contamination.

What have been some of the highlights of working with The CFO Leadership Council?

Working with both Jack McCullough and Becky Blackler is truly a pleasure. It’s inspiring to see them “going for it” by opening more chapters in such an aggressive and “let’s take the world by storm” way. Plus, Jack’s hilarious personality is unmatched.   He brings a light-hearted approach to all of the meetings and events, which is always refreshing.

What are some of your upcoming plans and goals as you get started in your new position?

As the Southeast Regional Director, I plan to utilize my years of experience in association management and membership development to get acquainted with as many CFOs in the southeast as I possibly can and serve as a liaison for their professional development and networking needs. In fact, just recently, a corporate CFO informed me that he would like to discuss and share ideas beyond his own network and that, to me, encompasses the purpose and value that The CFO Leadership Council represents.

Working with our steering committee to continue to produce high quality programs and events with timely topics and top tier industry experts is my priority for 2016. In addition to creating engaging programs, my team is researching and targeting the region’s leading CFOs so that we can encourage them to attend our events and provide them with resources to meet their evolving needs. My goal is to reach all CFOs – or at least a majority – by the end of 2016’s first quarter. And, in my efforts to get to know industry leaders and offer them plenty of networking opportunities, I also plan to launch new chapters in other major southeast cities, as we continue to expand.

Thinking beyond the work day, what are some of your interests?

As a natural networker, I sincerely enjoy meeting new people. Recently, when we were in a restaurant, Jack McCullough joked that “Jennifer knows everyone here” and that is somewhat true. It’s important to me to acknowledge everyone in a meaningful way.

Tell us some “fun facts” about yourself.

Following my college graduation, I decided to join a friend in Greece and teach English for a year. Living on the Mediterranean Sea at the base of Mount Olympus was an amazing opportunity and it opened my eyes to the beauty in the world. This adventure also gave me a perspective on the vast differences in human experiences and lifestyles, as well as a greater appreciation of the United States. Plus, I developed a much deeper respect for teachers who work with teenagers on a daily basis- now that’s a tough job!  

I would also like to add that my home was selected for Elbow Room, an HGTV national reality show. This experience was definitely a unique one, with many challenges and rewards.

To connect with Jennifer or for further details on any of our upcoming programs and plans, please contact us.