Angela TiseWe are excited to announce and welcome our newest team member, Angela Tise, who will serve as our Northeast Regional Director, effective on December 1. Angela most recently held the position of National Manager of Membership and Chapter Support at
 FEI for four years and, as a result, brings a variety of valuable knowledge and contacts to our organization, giving her the resources to be our cheerleader, brand ambassador, and champion. While overseeing our New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC chapters, she will devote her time and talents to ensuring that these areas continue to produce outstanding programs, giving our members and sponsors the optimal educational, networking, and promotional opportunities that they deserve and expect. As our president Becky Blackler states, “Angela’s great energy, enthusiasm, and positive outlook are infectious, so be prepared!”

Here are some of Angela’s thoughts on her career, background, and new position:

Tell us a little bit about your education and career background.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, I began my career at Unilever Cosmetics Corporation as a Global Marketing Liaison, where I was responsible for ensuring that our retailers and distributors had the resources that they needed to sell more than 35 brands. Then, after 10 years at Unilever, I began working as the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Panasonic. And, my most recent position was at FEI.

What originally led you to join the team at The CFO Leadership Council?

I kept hearing about The CFO Leadership Council from many of the FEI members, so I began to watch and witness it gain strength and grow, especially in the past few years. I became intrigued with the programs that were being offered and, as I learned about the business model and how things are run, I found it very interesting. I was confident that the organization would continue to grow and move forward and I appreciated the level of dedication. And, of course, I was impressed with Jack and Becky, as I realize that their knowledge and leadership will certainly take the organization to a place where a legacy will be made. Immediately, I began to share their enthusiasm and wanted to become a part of this venture.

As you get started in your new position, what are some of your upcoming plans and goals?

Once I begin my new position, I plan to meet all of my chapter members and learn how The CFO Leadership Council can continue to give them value. I look forward to growing the organization so that there are always new contacts for existing members and sponsors.  And, as I anticipate attending events and planning meetings with the steering committees, I am sure that I will get immediate insight into the heart of the organization so that I can dedicate myself to making sure that The CFO Leadership Council becomes and remains the number one place for personal and professional growth.

Thinking beyond the work day, how do you like to spend your spare time?

Outside of work I like to be physically active, whether it is working out at a gym, lifting weights, or spending time hiking or running. My husband is a general aviation pilot and we enjoy traveling to new places and discovering what fun may be in store for us. In addition, I hold a Master of Arts degree in Education and I like to take advantage of this level of knowledge by volunteering my time working with young adults, teaching them coping and communication skills. I find it very satisfying to be able to offer my expertise and experience to these amazing people. If I can help any of them with any situation, I feel like a winner!

Tell us a “fun fact” that we might not already know about you.

Probably what most people do not know about me is that I plan to get my private pilot’s license someday. However it is much more difficult than it looks! But, one day……..

To connect with Angela or for further details on any of her upcoming chapter plans, please contact us.