As today’s business environment and technology rapidly evolve, the role of the CFO has dramatically changed from a behind the scenes financial guru to a forward thinking team leader and visionary, involved in all aspects of company operations and strategies. And, as we move into a new era of technologies, communication, data analysis, and organizational structure, the main question that comes to mind is: What qualities define a successful and well-respected CFO?

On October 22 The Chicago CFO Leadership Council addressed this question with a panel discussion on The Habits of Highly Successful CFOs, featuring the following speakers:


Drawing from their own experiences and expertise in the field, our panelists stated that the most highly regarded CFOs, in both public and private companies, are deeply analytical and able to face any problem head on. They are effective communicators who are always thinking laterally with broad perspectives and holistic approaches. In handling differences of opinions, they strive to improve relationships, make changes, consider different interpretations, and remain calm in the face of turmoil. They are skilled in selling and are great assets to their sales teams. And, when dealing with the regulatory environment, they are strategic, focused on capital, open to new ideas, and flexible to learn, with a strong understanding of their business environments.

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