Developing a strong company exit strategy presents a variety of challenges and unforeseen Atlanta_-November_Exit.jpgobstacles and, in many cases, it can be one of the most complex organizational transactions for a CFO.  However, with the right marketing initiatives and tactics, this process can also be a very smooth one. In November The Atlanta CFO Leadership Council presented Executing An Exit, a panel discussion focusing on the best practices for planning and managing the most successful transitions.  

Our speakers were:



Here are their suggestions and advice:

Find The Best Personality Fit For Your Company Culture

Get to know the major players of your potential management team over an extended period of time and be sure that they understand your market. One of the most important issues that you should consider is your organizational culture and how it could be impacted, both positively and negatively. Closely observe team dynamics and pay attention to situations which could affect and spark potential personality conflicts among your employees. Retaining key staff after a company is sold should always be a motive and, to keep continued harmony within your organization, it is important to eliminate any possible discrepancies and focus on promoting a cohesive work environment.

Provide Accurate Company Forecasts And Strategies

The most successful company sales stem from detailed preparation. Do your homework and be confidently ready to present your organization at its best. Overall, the more accurate information that you have to show to potential buyers, the better your company will reflect. Predictability is crucial for company transactions and the best way to organize all of your information into one place is to create a data center. Look at your business objectively, focusing on where it is today and where it will be in the future. Have your customer contacts and financial data set and be sure to establish clear reasons for why you are selling. Ensure that all bits of information are tied together into one cohesive presentation, with accurate forecasts and numbers that match. To potential buyers, lack of continuity is a strike against your company.

Time Lessens Opportunities – Move Quickly!

As a seller, it is important to realize that time is not on your side. Don’t be sidetracked by the intrusive nature of the exit preparation process. Proceed with confidence, full speed ahead, and take advantage of all opportunites.  Simply stated, tell your company story and translate it into an enticing, credible deal that can be closed quickly and efficiently.

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