Skillfully negotiating in an extremely stressful environment presents Chicago.pngmany challenges and sometimes, when circumstances don’t allow for compromise, it can seem like a losing fbi_logo_twitter.jpgbattle. So, what kinds of strategies are needed to ensure positive results? Who better to ask than the FBI.  In December, The Chicago CFO Leadership Council addressed this question with the help of two fascinating speakers, FBI Special Agents and SWAT team members Philip Andrew and Beth Kreppein. Drawing upon their own experiences with hostage situations, these experts presented High Stress Negotiations, a captivating crash course on executing successful deal outcomes under the most adverse circumstances.

Here are their winning tips to help all negotiators achieve positive outcomes:

  • Continuously maintain control over yChicago.pngour feelings.
  • Actively listen and ask open ended questions, with pauses and periods of silence.
  • Never ask “why”.
  • Pay close attention to body language.
  • Understand all of the driving emotions and experiences behind the situation.
  • Focus on basic personal needs: security, recognition, control, dignity, and accomplishment.
  • Never attempt to gain control over another individual.
  • Reserve judgmental feelings.
  • Be genuine and empathetic.
  • Encourage behavior change by developing personal rapports.
  • Most important, always realize that negotiation is not a trick and it does not imply that someone needs to concede.

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