In a world dominated by technology, financial professionals are now presented with a variety of options for fostering improved communication, collaboration, coordination, and information sharing. And, with such a vast array of technological support available, many CFOs are now playing a key role in IT planning and innovation. So, what are the best ways to utilize the latest technologies to maximize your company’s efficiency? Our experts in New York recently offered some helpful solutions at The NYC CFO Leadership Council’s December program, Using Technology To Partner With Your Business.

Our speakers were:


Stating that technology should be viewed as a business partner to build a results-oriented culture, here are a few helpful tips that they offered:

  • KPIs are great tools for notifying your sales team of relevant changes and issues that need attention.
  • Predictive analytics are useful measures for synthesizing data and projecting revenues.
  • BI technologies help to promote the most accurate data for your organizational model.
  • Mobile devices continue to be the best options for efficient business needs.
  • Cloud technology is one of the most highly regarded resources for accessing and storing data.

As for general advice, periodically evaluate the licenses that you are using for your  technologies, build them into your planning process, and always be open to new applications as optimal ways to collaborate.  And, finally, keep in mind that the most significant value of corporate technology is to bring clarity and cohesion to your organization and, if that is not happening, you should reconsider your current systems.

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