From her humble roots in Hungary to her impressive career endeavors in the fast JudyRomano.jpgpaced corporate world, Judy Romano’s road to success is a shining example for her colleagues to follow. As a mentor and coach for many financial professionals, both nationally and internationally, Judy has spent the last 20 years helping them to develop and attain their leadership capabilities. Here are some of her thoughts and advice about the industry:

Describe your career path for us, including your advice along the way for other CFOs interested in this progression.

My career has always focused on finance and operations, both in the United States and Europe. Currently, as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Equifax International, I lead a team of executives within the Latin American, Canadian, European, and Asian divisions – a role which has given me a great appreciation for the diversity within the company.

As for my advice for other CFOs, it is important to focus on the dynamics of your organization and fully understand your company’s values and environment. Realize what is best for your business to flourish and use that information to nurture your internal culture.

What’s exciting for you as a CFO? What do you enjoy the most about your profession?

For me, the best part of being a CFO is coaching and mentoring my employees to reach their full career potentials. What I enjoy most about my profession is not only working with a variety of people, but also giving them opportunities to drive their ambitions and attain their goals.

What’s the one thing that you could do without as a CFO?

I could certainly do without the abundance of meetings, both locally and internationally.  These demands make for a very busy calendar, with less time to devote to “doing work”. 

The CFO/Board landscape changes all the time. How do you keep yourself educated on the latest developments that affect your profession?

Reading trade publications and reviewing daily market updates are great resources for staying on top of industry developments and changes. But, the best way to stay current in the industry is through networking and collaborating with colleagues. People are the number one source for learning.  

Describe your ‘Aha!’ moment or a crowning achievement to your career.

I think that my greatest “Aha” moment has been the realization that, as a mentor, I can have significant impact on the career paths and learning opportunities of my peers. And, in my role as a business leader, I realize how important it is to recognize and encourage the achievement of others.  


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