Take advantage of the opportunity to jump start your company’s growth and enhance your corporate reputation with tips and advice from the industry’s most renowned local talent.  cfo_talent_show.pngRegister for our May 18 CFO Talent Show  and get the inside scoop on the latest business trends.  From recruiting the best employees and developing a winning corporate culture to surviving economic downturns, this year’s program promises a scope of fresh ideas for building a team that stands for creative thinking, strong leadership, and company loyalty.


Take a look at our outstanding agenda of topics:

 Why Boston? A Keynote Discussion with John Irvine, CFO, Current powered by GEJohnIrvine2.jpg

How do inventors, technologists, and specialists all work together to pave the way for new and exciting methods to power the future of energy? Ask John Irvine, CFO of Current, a start-up within General Electric.  In addition to discussing technologies that can make real-time decisions about energy use, John will tell us how smart cities can be configured with eco-friendly and networked sensored LED lighting systems.

The Radical CFO: Harnessing Your Team’s True Power With Behavioral Assessments By John McGuinness, CFO, Predictive Index

What drives workplace behaviors? Get the answers from John McGuinness, CFO of The Predictive Index, a company that empowers businesses to realize their full potentials. 

Follow Me: Finding Great Employees The First Time Around

What’s the secret to finding the best talent to suit your company?  Learn from our panelists, as they offer their insights on ways to change your recruiting practices to complement the pace of your organizational growth.  

Meet our experts:

coreyadams2.jpg AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbhAAAAJDc5M2ZkMjYwLTFmNWItNDQ4Yi05ZjllLTEwN2I5MzNmODhmZQ.jpg Derr_Cropped.jpg nickmalone.jpg 
Corey Adams
Regional President
Robert Half
Alec Carstensen
VP of Human Resources
Joanne Derr
VP of Human Resources
Nicholas Malone
Chief Administrative Officer


The Radical CFO: Quality Workspace Delivers Value By MarcMargulies.jpgMarc Margulies, Principal, Margulies Perruzzi Architects

The configuration of your office space can have a great impact on your work environment and general productivity.  So, how can you create a well-designed space to best suit your needs?  Let Marc Margulies give you some advice.  With vast designer experience within the Greater Boston area, Marc will offer valuable input on how to transform your office into a state of the art, employee friendly setting. 

When It All Falls Down: Keeping Employees And Productivity Up During A Downturn

The aftermath of an economic downturn within a company is always a challenge.  But, as our panelists agree, the best solution is to get back on track as quickly as possible. So, what are the most effective ways to turn such negative circumstances into positive outcomes?  Listen to what our industry leaders advise, as they provide you with the essential steps that you must take to maintain your productivity, support your employees, and come through even stronger than you were before.  Panel highlights include addressing the guilt, insecurity, and trust related issues of your remaining employees, as well as the greatest ways to instill “the show must go on” philosophy throughout your organization, as it struggles to survive.  Additional tips will include executing a new business strategy, planning for the impact on customer and vendor relationships, maintaining payroll and incentives, creating retention agreements, developing new benefits packages, and dealing with negative feedback from former employees.   

Meet our experts:


The Psychopathic CEO By Julia Cowley, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI Boston

Narcissistic or psychopathic? Do either of these characteristics dominate the mind of a high-level white collar criminal?  Find out more from FBI agent Julia Cowley, as she offers her perspective on these personality disorders and the challenges that they present in today’s corporate environments.


Award-Winning Employee Engagement 
By Anne Lang, Leadership Development Consultant

ALang1-326165-edited.jpgPurpose, belonging, autonomy, and growth  – how can they contribute specifically  to your company’s success?  According to Anne Lang, these four essentials are the key drivers necessary for engaging your team.  Find out more about the secrets to improving the morale and overall satisfaction of your employees. 


The Radical CFO: Rebranding Corporate Culture EdNathanson.jpgBy Ed Nathanson, Founder, Red Pill Talent

With more than 20 years of experience as an employment branding professional, a human resources leader, and a global talent acquisition expert, Ed Nathanson has been a keynote speaker at LinkedIn Talent Connect Australia 2014,  ERE Atlanta 2015, BATSA 2015, and LinkedIn Talent Connect Las Vegas 2013.  He was also the global live stream host for LinkedIn Talent Connect in 2014.  Let his expertise be your guide to rebranding your organization and, in his words, allow yourself to “come to the light side of the force and join the rebel alliance”. 

Beyond The Benefits: Becoming The Cool Place To Work

Are you looking to be one of the hot, sought after companies – the one at which everyone would like to work?  Join our panelists for their insight on how organizations, both new and established, are revitalizing their corporate cultures to not only be places for which potential employees strive, but also to be environments in which current employees take pride. Panel highlights include benefits packages, philanthropy, social engagements, and much more.

Meet our experts:


Putting It All Together: The Future Of Our Workforce

From the emerging generation of millennials to the diversity of the overseas markets, how do we get it all to come together and create a corporate unity?  Our panelists will offer many helpful hints and advice, as they discuss how companies can best plan for the future and move with the changing times, catering to both an international and multi-generational talent pool.  Learn how you can tailor your organization to meet the progressing needs of today’s work place and pave the way for new horizons. 

Meet our experts:


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