As we acfo_talent_show.pngll know, the aftermath of an economic downturn within a company is always a challenge. And, that’s why we have a stellar panel discussion planned to address these concerns: When It All Falls Down: Keeping Employees And Productivity Up During A Downturn – one of many topics scheduled for our full-day conference on Wednesday, May 18, The 2016 CFO Talent Show.  Take advantage of this opportunity and learn from the industry’s best.  This portion of our program will focus on the most effective ways to get your organization back on track as quickly as possible during tough economic times while still maintaining “the show must go on” philosophy. 

Meet our expert speakers who will give you tips on stabilizing your productivity, supporting your employees, and coming through stronger than you were before:


In addition, here’s a sneak preview of some of the critical questions that they will address in relation to company downsizing and staff reduction:

  • What are the most effective ways to communicate and convey messages about a pending or future layoff?
  • How can you best accommodate, motivate, and retain your remaining employees?
  • What are your legal risks?
  • Should you reconfigure your office space and design as you move forward?
  • Is it advisable to give your employees IOUs and other incentives instead of cash to meet payroll?
  • What accommodations should you contemplate for your vendors and customers?
  • Does it make sense to enforce non-competition and customer non-solicitation agreements to which terminated employees are bound?
  • How can retention agreements and other incentive plans be best utilized?
  • Should you rehire terminated employees, either on staff or as independent contractors?
  • What’s the best way to handle current and former employees who post critical comments about your organization on websites and blogs?

Get these answers and much more from our prominent industry leaders.  We are confident that our conference offers something for everyone.  To see which programs are right for your specific needs, take a look at our agenda and meet our speakers

And, it gets even better! We are pleased to let you know that our event has been approved for 9 CPEs – just one more reason to register today!   Don’t miss this great professional development and networking opportunity!