Not able to attend some of our events?  Interested in finding out what you missed?  Let us be your “go to” resource for program highlights and takeaways. Path To Capital.jpg

Here are some key points from Path To Capital, presented in Boston on October 11:   

Capital investments aren’t just about money. They are about connecting with the right kind of firm that understands and respects your business.  Here’s what we learned about strategically presenting to banks and firms:

  • Realize your strengths and be clear and up front about your weaknesses.
  • Strive to bring your management team close together to demonstrate a united front.
  • Create an appetite for your stock and leave everyone a little hungry.
  • The best way to go after a lot of money is to go after little money. 
  • Get to know your firms, their limitations, and, most important, their expectations and time line.
  • You can and should negotiate, as the first round of term sheets never reflect what a deal could or should look like. Don’t be afraid to push back on your investors and negotiate better terms for both parties.
  • Keep in mind that your reputation and team are key. 

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