Not able to attend some of our events?  Interested in finding out what you missed?  Let us be your “go to” resource with our program highlights and takeaways. 

Here are some key points from our Washington, D.C. program on October 18,  Where Budgeting Intersects With Strategic Planning, a panel discussion on the most effective ways for you, as a CFO, to merge company goals and objectives with budgets:October 16 - DC program.jpg

  • Link KPIs, metrics, and budget with your strategies. 
  • Hold regular meetings where you are consistently aligning your strategic plan with current metrics.
  • Consider the internal and external factors that might require changes. 
  • Encourage communication by utilizing a scorecard throughout the year.
  • Engage early and often with your team to discuss realistic budgetary expectations.
  • Take charge of communication and get your team on board with your plan. 

Recommended reading:

The New Strategic Thinking by Michel Robert

For further details about the Washington, D.C. CFO Leadership Council, take a look at our chapter page or contact Caroline Boyce, Chapter Marketing Director, at [email protected],or Angela Tise, Northeast Regional Director, at [email protected].

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