The Habits of Highly Effective CFOs, one of our most popular speaker topics, is often referred to as our “signature program” and, this year, our founder Jack McCullough had the opportunity to share his expertise even further, as he Jack's Presentation-661271-edited.jpgaddressed more than 2,000 attendees at the 2016 Intacct Advantage Conference in Orlando.

Drawing upon conversations that he has had through the years with dozens of successful business leaders, Jack was able to combine the vast knowledge of his extensive network with his own professional experience.  Aside from discussing how the role of the CFO has emerged from a behind the scenes financial guru to a forward thinking strategic visionary, he stressed the importance of top team building, leadership, negotiation, communication, and advisory skills. 

 “A CFO is an organization’s secret weapon,” states Jack.  “Best seller, best recruiter, best deal closer, best fundraiser.”

And, just as important, he emphasized that it is imperative for all CFOs to possess unquestioned ethical values, setting the standards for their companies. 

 “A CFO is the most trusted person within an organization” added Jack.  “The board is dependent upon the competence and integrity of its CFO.” 

Concluding his presentation, Jack offered a few pieces of valuable advice for all top financial executives looking to prosper within their industries and organizations:  Jack - Orlando Conference.jpg

  • Seek non-financial roles internally, including help desk support, marketing, and customer acquisition.
  • Join a corporate board.
  • Become a member of TWO professional organizations.
  • Most important, be a hands-on leader by “walking the floor” as often as possible.

   microsoft-powerpoint-vector-logo.png  For further details, we invite you to take a look at this presentation in its entirety, and, if you would like to contact Jack directly, you can reach him at  In the meantime, to obtain more information about joining the CFO Leadership Council and becoming part of our nationally renowned network of esteemed professionals, take a look at our membership page. 

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