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On November 10, our Austin chapter presented A CFO’s Guide To Successful Operational KPI Management, a panel discussion outlining how CFOs can help company leaders in this area.   

Our Expert Speakers Included:

Austin Speakers - November.jpg

Here’s What They Advised:  

  • Encourage cross departmental teamwork.
  • Ensure short-term goals can be achieved.
  • Use KPIs to create alignment and focus.
  • Be a true partner to your CEO, focusing on weak spots and which business metrics really matter.
  • Keep your KPIs simple and attainable.
  • Champion a cross departmental group of “floor leaders” to develop a change process and oversee its execution. This appointed team should:

    • present anecdotal evidence that underlying performance, measured by indicators, can be impacted by a change process.
    • start small, learn, and expand with practical and impactful KPIs.

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For details about the Austin CFO Leadership Council, take a look at our chapter page or contact Erin Gardner at [email protected].  And, don’t miss out on our next chapter event on December 8, The State Of The Economy: Post Election.