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On November 10, our Chicago chapter presented Enhancing Competitive Advantage Through Emerging Technologies, a panel discussion focusing on successful Chicago-185562-edited.pngplanning, selection, and deployment of financial applications, social media data, business analytics, and big data.

Our Expert Speakers Were:

  • Ranga Bodla, NetSuite
  • Matt Freedman, Digitas
  • Jason Keith, Digitas
  • Jason Verlen, CCC Information

Here’s What They Advised Us:

  • Every company is a “cloud company”. 
  • Hybrid business models are today’s trend.    
  • Companies must deliver omni-channel experiences to meet the demands of integrated customer buying.
  • The power of data aggregation is driving competitive insights.  
  • Businesses applying programmatic approaches will be most cost effective in reaching their customers.
  • Big data is providing a look into previously hidden behaviors and needs.
  • Businesses are now utilizing behavior based segmentation to drive substantive improvement to sales results and financial performance.

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For details about the Chicago CFO Leadership Council, take a look at its chapter page or contact Emily Smith at [email protected].  And, don’t miss out on our next local event on February 16, Building A High Performance Finance Team.