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On November 17, our Houston chapter presented A CFO’s Guide to Post M&A Houston-272050-edited.pngIntegration, a panel discussion focusing on the planning that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Our Expert Speakers Were:

Houston - November 2016.jpg

Here’s What They Advised Us:

  • The “culture fit” will snag you every time! Spend as much time as you can gaining an understanding of how the company operates and who the champions are. You can’t force fit one culture into another.  If everything works, but the culture does not, the transaction will not succeed.
  • Communication is key. Get out and talk to your colleagues and be sure that they know where they stand in the integration process.  And keep in mind that, in general, people love to see their names in boxes on organizational charts. 
  • Keep a perspective on why you’re going through this process in the first place. And, periodically ask yourself: Is the acquisition or merger still attractive or has anything changed? There is nothing wrong with walking away. In fact, our panelists agreed that some of their best decisions were simply saying “no”. 
  • Manage expectations (as well as egos!) appropriately.
  • Always prepare for the unexpected.

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