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On December 8, our Minneapolis/Saint Paul chapter presented Building High Minneapolis - December 2016.jpgPerformance Teams, a panel discussion focusing on the best ways for business leaders to navigate the challenges of recruiting, developing, and retaining top tier talent.

Our Expert Speakers Were:

Minneapolis Speakers - December 2016.jpg

Here’s What They Advised Us:

  • Be prepared with a strategy to attract the best talent.
  • When using an external staffing service, get involved with the whole process.
  • Create an environment that allows employees to contribute.
  • Appreciation is very important and knowing how employees want to be recognized is key.
  • People don’t leave jobs. They leave bosses.
  • When considering compensation, think about the total package of rewards, including benefits, professional development, and company culture.
  • Evaluate employees more than once a year.
  • Nurture a culture that allows for failure. You can’t innovate without it. 
  • Put customers first by connecting innovation to business improvement.
  • Help to form diverse, cohesive teams that align with the company’s purpose.
  • Diversity of thought is crucial
  • Include plenty of post training follow up to make sure that new ideas are implemented.
  • Focus less on performance reviews and more on team and leadership development.
  • Define core values.
  • Figure out the best ways to connect with employees.
  • Utilize technology
  • Build trust with open communication
  • Keep in mind that every leader is being watched – always!

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