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On December 6, our New Jersey chapter presented The Expanding Role of the CFO, a panel discussion focusing on best practices and techniques for meeting the evolving demands of this rapidly changing position.  

Our Expert Speakers Were:

NJ Speakers - December 2016.jpg

Here’s What They Advised Us:

  • Technology is a critical component to transformation.
  • CFOs must get involved in setting strategies with their CEOs and boards, driving down to the line-of-business level to ensure alignment.
  • Many CFOs are now utilizing analytic support to ensure a strong connection to finance.
  • Finance now serves as a key to understanding the impact of “digital disruption” and navigating a path to the future.
  • Today’s CFO has strong input into strategy development and serves in more of a partnering role with the CEO. 
  • It is crucial for all CFOs to be tightly engaged with board members.
  • Sales and marketing should be a big area of focus for CFOs, with emphasis on managing budgets and tracking key metrics.  
  • The new revenue recognition guidelines have created an opportunity and need to work with operations more closely. 
  • Cloud-based systems provide support for growth and expansion.

If you would like further references on related topics, check out the following blog and video by John O’Rourke and Ian Charles, both of HostAnalytics, one of our renowned sponsors:

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For details about the New Jersey CFO Leadership Council, take a look at our chapter page or contact Debbie Lindner at [email protected].  And, don’t miss out on our next chapter event on February 7, Law School For The CFO