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On December 14, our Boston chapter presented The State of the Economy, a program focusing on how CFOs can best deal with an evolving economic environment in the face of a new presidential administration.  Enlightening us on this topic was: Constance Hunter.jpg

Here’s What She Advised Us:

  • Economic performance hinges on scaling back immigration and trade policies promised on the campaign trail.
  • Reducing regulation and executing a PPP for infrastructure could impact 2017 GDP by a few percentage points.
  • Tax changes are unlikely to go into effect until 2018 and, therefore, would impact GDP in 2018 and beyond.
  • We are already near full employment and have debt to GDP levels over 100%, limiting the near-term upside to households
  • The unknowns are still significant and forecasting will be an ongoing exercise.

For further information, check out Constances’ full presentation, Can The Economy Switch To A New Track? 

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