Looking for insight, guidance, and access to specialized financial services?  Let INTL FCStone Inc., one of our renowned sponsors, be your guide.  intl_fcstone_logo.jpgA Fortune 500 company that focuses on international and domestic markets, INTL FCStone, Inc.is a pioneer in the industry, offering decades of experience to not only help your business with growth, risk management, and enhanced profitability, but to also provide you with real-world commodity market intelligence and platform execution for global futures exchanges. 

For further details on how INTL FCStone, Inc. can assist you, we encourage you to take a look one of the company’s great sources of knowledge, The Intelligent Quant.  This month’s editorial focus is on founder-led businesses and supporting studies which state how these organizations can excel in performance, based on long term strategies and high innovation.   For your convenience and review, here is a link to this very interesting and insightful article:

Invest Like A VC…Or Create A Founders’ ETF

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