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On March 21, our Dallas chapter presented The Expanding Role of the CFO, a panel discussion focusing on the skill sets and techniques needed for success. 

Our Expert Speakers Were:

Dallas March Panel.png

Here’s What They Advised Us:  IMG_7731.jpg

  • Realize that times have changed. Four years ago CFOs were spending 75% of their time on financials, now it’s about 25%. 
  • Build an effective and supportive team by identifying where your direct hires can step in and grow. And, be sure that they have a runway for success.
  • As a CFO, you have the ability to see the business in a more dynamic way, so bring the operational side to the financials
  • Organizational culture is very important. Hire only those who best fit in. 
  • To be most successful, you must get along with your CEO. It is not necessary to agree all the time, but you should have the same vision.
  • Be sure that everyone has the same facts as you do. This certainty levels the playing field and creates room for mutual respect and understanding.
  • Shed your responsibilities and get more involved. However, don’t try to do it all!
  • Be curious and focus on what excites you about the business.

For further details about the Dallas CFO Leadership Council, take a look at our chapter page or contact Erin Gardner at [email protected].  And, don’t miss out on our next event on April 18, Managing High Growth: The Risks, Rewards and ROI of Technology Investments