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On April 4, our New Jersey chapter new_jersey-614110-edited.pngpresented Emerging Tech/Social Media: The Millennials’ Impact On Your Business, a panel discussion focusing on how a new generation is playing into today’s corporate world.  

Our Expert Speakers Were:

Dallas Speakers - April 2017.jpg

Here’s What They Told Us:

  • In general, millennials expect rapid progression in their careers, relying strongly on current technologies.
  • As a new approach to performance management and peer reviews, many companies are now utilizing mobile apps and on-demand feedback systems.
  • Because a large number of younger employees often want to work in team environments and support networks, many of them favor non-commission positions with base salaries.
  • Retaining millennials for more than 2 years can be challenging. To address this issue, companies need to offer ample training and development, as well as fresh opportunities, flexible hours, relaxed dress codes, and the chance to work remotely. 
  • Millennials do not want to be micro managed, but it is important to give senior staff a chance to mentor them.
  • Most social media platforms are not a fit for business use, but employees should not be prevented from posting about their companies on their personal accounts. As an employer, it is important to respect confidentiality while paying attention to what is being said about your business and, if needed, be ready to address relevant issues that directly affect your corporate reputation.

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