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On June 20, The Dallas CFO Leadership Council presented Budgeting And Forecasting Strategies, a panel discussion featuring CFOs from both public and private companies offering tips and advice from their own experiences. 

Our Expert Speakers Were:

Dallas Speakers - June 2017.jpg

Here’s What They Advised Us:

  • Dallas Event - June 2017.jpgTake complete ownership of your budget.
  • For most industries, forecasting beyond three years is almost impossible because of how quickly everything changes. 
  • Be up front when you know that you’re going to go over budget.
  • Be honest with your lender.
  • Be sure to give the approvers of your budget ample time to review and consider it. 
  • Establish and communicate your budget before any spending and planning take place. 
  • Help everyone to understand the value that they add and how they impact the budget.
  • Think ahead about the questions and concerns of your team.
  • Be a storyteller of numbers.
  • Implement strong KPI reporting so that you can gage how forecasting is going and foresee any potential problems. 
  • Advise your CEO when an opportunity is not right.   
  • Sometimes it’s easier to fail quickly with a budget so that you can correct everything and move forward.

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