Adhering to our ongoing mission to “empower CFOs”, we firmly believe that networking is an essential link to success and should be done on a regular basis. That is why we have created optimal opportunities for our members to connect, converse, and exchange ideas.  051117_CFO_conf_0417.jpg As a cohesive organization that limits our event attendance to senior financial executives only, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of one-of-a-kind resources, including our private members-only discussion group, directory, and educational programs.

According to executive coach and leadership consultant Michael Seaver, many executives think that they only need to build business relationships when they’re transitioning between careers. But, in today’s corporate environment, that’s far from true.  051117_CFO_conf_0360.jpgWhat they don’t realize is that a significant amount of career success is directly attributed to meeting new people.  In fact, as Michael mentions in his 2016 article, Building Relationships for Professional Advancement, some of the most common pitfalls of networking include thinking of it from a job hunter’s point of view, avoiding it because it is uncomfortable, and viewing it as a way to extract from the others.

 “Networking is perhaps the most under-rated skill that executives need to achieve sustained long-term success,” adds our founder Jack McCullough.  “I compare it to exercise.  It should be part of your daily routine, not something that you do only when you have a need.  A robust and active network will pay dividends for the entire length of your career.”photo_13.jpg

Building a strong network is essential – and we have many options for you.  With the fall months almost upon us, we are anticipating a variety of great programs, complete with endless opportunities to benefit from face-to-face interaction and uniquely tailored professional development events, designed “for CFOs and by CFOs”.  Whether you are looking to further your knowledge base, gain some fresh perspectives in your industry, or simply explore new horizons, we are, without a doubt, your “go to” resource.  Registration for our September programs will begin soon, so stay tuned for further details.  And, if you’re not yet a member, now is the perfect time to become one.  Find out more about us and join today