As an organization built “by CFOs and for CFOs”, we feel that our most valuable resource is our ability to all come together on a regular basis and share our thoughts and ideas.  And, with a team of professionals from a variety of industries, backgrounds, and experiences, our knowledge base is vast, allowing us to focus on our mission to “empower CFOs”. angela_tise-749405-edited.jpg In carrying out this goal, we aim to provide you, on a regular basis, with thoughts straight from your peers.  Ranging from career advice and business tips to random thought pieces, these editorials will give you the opportunity to access the best possible resources: each other.   

Here a few words on the cyber world and human connection from the point of view of Angela Tise, our Membership Chair and Northeast Regional Director:

So somehow, I got a virus from a phishing expedition someone decided to go on. I have shut down my computer until our tech guru can fix the issue and get me safely up and running back in the cyber world.

Since the shutdown, I feel like it got so quiet without the continual e-mails popping up every 5 seconds. For some reason, I think I can hear the birds outside my office just a little more clearly and so I feel closer to them than I do to the human element right now…Interesting, we think we are all so connected…and we are, actually…. to a certain degree.

Farm from Angela Article.jpgBut, I also realized that in the past few hours the joy I receive from getting phone calls has been something very different and I like it. There is a part of me that remembers when life and communication existed without e-mail… I want to go back to that connection…I have been highly energized all morning just dialoguing with people I don’t normally get to talk with other than through e-mail and it ends up being just about business or the facts (“The facts ma’am, just the facts…”).

I got to hear them think about things (yes, I heard the pause in their voice before they responded).  It wasn’t just business, there was a true human connection – maybe because I got to hear the tone in their voices, the friendly, inviting sound of co-workers and business associates first telling me they were sorry to hear about my computer issue …then we talked. I got to take a moment and ask how they were doing, find out what was new, and if there was anything I can do for them. I got to connect with the person.

I am sitting at my desk waiting for the anti-virus download software to take effect. For whatever reason, my network is slow so I probably have another hour to take advantage before the busy sounds and chaos come back.

I know the generation after mine has truly grown up with the “cyber noise” and, don’t get me wrong, I love the efficiency of it, but I must say that there is something so peaceful and perhaps more important and real without all of it.

AngelaDebCarolineCROPPEDwithcaption.pngI think the best analogy I can make is if you had grown up in the city and got used to everything immediately out your front door (and you never got away from the constant hustle and bustle of just plain living) then you move to the country by yourself and experience for the first time the seemingly long journey of the infamous “country mile”. It seems longer because there is nothing to see but cornfields and blue sky and a road that seems to go on forever…nothing and no one else. Perhaps you thought your friends would visit but you never sent out the “ I have moved” notice and no one seemed to be looking for you because they really never stopped in to your city home and actually knocked on the door, they just drove by and honked the horn.

Perhaps I am good with the disconnect right now because I know it is temporary. The isolation from the rest of my working existence will only last as long as the last 47kbs takes to download.

Perhaps this pop up mini vacation from the cyber world reminds me that what really matters is that I have a quality network of real people that know what I look like on the other side of the phone when I sound exasperated or excited or even sad.   Though I have hundreds of contacts in my e-mail address book ( and you know who you are because you received the e-mail containing the virus…thanks for deleting it, I am glad I did not cause you any discomfort), I am grateful for my true support network. I am glad that we have more between us than just air. I am grateful that you know who I am and if by chance you see me in person you will greet me with a smile…or just plain greet me.

So, to all of you who bought into the idea that you have hundreds of friends on Facebook and more connections on LinkedIn – I dare you to turn off your computer for a morning and use the time and your smart phone to actually call those who you are really connected to. And if I am one of them, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Thoughts and questions for Angela?  She would love to connect with you and can be reached at