As demonstrated in all of our programs, we aim to continuously expand the horizons of CFOs to “think beyond numbers”.  And, in an effort to keep up with emerging corporate trends, we are always offering fresh subject material to ensure that our members are one step ahead of their peers.   On October 12, our Austin chapter was excited to present our first time HR Boot Camp, an enlightening program highlighting the importance of strategic HR initiatives and their organizational impact.  

Our expert panelists consisted of:

Austin speakers - October 2017.jpg

Here are some of their words of advice: 

  • Encourage open and honest feedback and always respond to it immediately.
  • Focus  on employee satisfaction surveys to ensure that every individual becomes  a  “brand ambassador” for the company.
  • Implement  a “culture committee”. Austin - October 2017.jpg
  • Fully understand the ROI for all HR requests.
  • Develop unique incentives, such as unlimited vacation policies, pet insurance, and programs focusing on personal, non-work related endeavors. 
  • And, most noteworthy – keep in mind that the “oddball” player will, most likely, be the one with the best and most brilliant ideas. 

For details about the Austin CFO Leadership Council, take a look at our chapter page or contact Erin Gardner, Marketing Director, at or Jeanene Orlando, Southwest Regional Director, at jeanene@cfolc.comAnd, don’t miss out on our next program, Building Relationships With Key Leaders on Thursday, November 9Register today!