Building a strong corporate team is a crucial factor in overall organizational success.   So, what is the best way to recruit, retain, motivate, and develop a highly talented group of employees? On October 17, our Dallas chapter addressed this issue with a program on Attracting And Retaining Top Talent 

Our expert panelists consisted of:

Dallas speakers - October 2017.jpg

Dallas  program - October 2017.jpgSome of their recruiting suggestions and advice included behavioral testing to weed out candidates who aren’t the right fit, hiring people who are outwardly engaged and interested in the company, making sure that all employees and their bosses are compatible, and having a solid mentor program in place.  Even more important, it is imperative to retain valuable staff  by taking an active role in everyone’s professional development, generating events that showcase their talents, and offering employee recognition programs. 

Dallas program 2 - October 2017.jpgFor details about the Dallas CFO Leadership Council, take a look at our chapter page or contact Erin Gardner, Marketing Director, at [email protected] or Jeanene Orlando, Southwest Regional Director, at [email protected]

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