With an abundance of technology options available for today’s CFOs, the decision making process can be a challenging one.  So, what is the best approach to finding the right fit? On October 19, our Houston chapter addressed this issue with a program on The Risks, Rewards, And ROI Of Technology Investments.
Our expert panelists consisted of:

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Some of their suggestions and advice included:

  • Develop a detailed overall plan, focusing on communication, resources, hardware, training, and contingency, as well as what can go wrong and how to fix it.  Houston program - October 2017.jpg
  • As you pitch new technology, concentrate on cost, implementation, plan of attack, and what your competition is doing. 
  • When outsourcing IT, be sure to be very familiar with your prospective vendors so that you are clear on what you are getting and make sure that you’re not a vendor’s largest client. 
  • Successful implementation involves realistic timelines, buy-ins from everyone, solid communication, effective conversion procedures, and strong sales support. 
  • Understand what you have in inventory before making a quick decision.
  •  Always ask yourself the following questions about new technology:

    • What is the impact of local to global?
    • Can it be scaled to tomorrow’s needs?
    • Can you really afford it?
    • Does it give everyone what they want?
    • Do you already have something that can be built on at a lower cost?

Houston program 1 - October 2017.jpgFor information about the Houston CFO Leadership Council, take a look at our chapter page or contact Erin Gardner, Marketing Director, at [email protected] or Jeanene Orlando, Southwest Regional Director, at [email protected]

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Our expert panelists consisted of:
Some of their suggestions and advice included: