The CFO Leadership Council has some exciting news we’d like to share. Our website,, has been completely redesigned and upgraded. Beyond the fresh new look, some of the improved features include:

•    Comprehensive and customizable calendar of CFOLC events in the US and Canada;
•    Easily accessible resources and trending articles;
•    Members-only access to our content library of webcasts, blog posts and video recordings of select programs;
•    Simpler platform for engaging with your peers, both in-person and online; and
•    Extensive membership benefits section making it easier than ever to join.

“We’re excited to offer the finance executive community a robust suite of resources and advice, all developed by their peers,” shares Jack McCullough, founder and president of The CFO Leadership Council. “With the launch of our new web platform, we’re looking forward to engaging with everyone using exactly the path they choose.”

“We are extremely proud of our new website redesign,”  says Kristin Todd, Vice President of Marketing. “This new cutting-edge navigation provides the finance community with instant access to trending topics and useful tools right at their fingertips. And a special thanks to The Franchise Group for bringing our vision to life!”

The CFO Leadership Council, established in 2006, is a community dedicated to empowering our members to grow and thrive. Our three-tiered membership option provides members the flexibility to connect to a dynamic community of their peers – live or online – in the ways most beneficial to them. Whether you are looking to further your professional development, gain some fresh new perspectives in your industry, network with renowned industry leaders, or explore new horizons, we provide the tools and resources for your continued success.

We hope you’ll visit our new website soon to give it a test run! Go to