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Recently our CFO Leadership Council members were asked by a peer via our online members-only forum CFO Connect “What materials are you currently reading that you find impactful to your role as finance leaders?”  The quick response was so phenomenal that we wanted to share the list.  Looking for something new to read that inspire you to take strategy and leadership to a new level?  Here’s 40+ recommendations from valued finance leaders in our CFOLC community. Special thanks to Aaron Pullin, CFO NS1 and NYC Chapter member for posing this invaluable question on CFO Connect, our members-only forum, and of course to our members for sharing with him!

Jack McCullough, Founder & President of CFO Leadership, stresses the importance of learning continuously, especially as a strategic leader.  In Jack’s “Habits Of The Highly Effective CFOs” presentation, he speaks about this very thing (Habit #5).  The full presentation is available in our members-only resource library.

“There are a lot of executive program options that suit the work/life schedules of executives.  Take advantage of them.  One of the best ways executives can learn is from each other.  Connect, find commonalities and enjoy the benefit of learning from each other’s experiences.”
~ Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council

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What Our CFOLC Members Are Currently Reading


Author (if was available)

The Balanced Scorecard Kaplan, Norton
Seven Strategy Questions Simons
Strategy Rules Yoffie, Cusumano
Money Stuff
Term Sheet
Purple Cow Godin
Quench Your Own Thirst Koch
The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Venture Deals Feld, Mendelson
The Granularity of Growth Viguerie, Smit, Baghai
10 Point Guide WSJ
Exit Planning: The Definitive Guide Brown
High Growth Handbook Gil
No Man’s Land Tatum
The Advantage Lencioni
The Leadership Challenge Kouzes, Posner
Financial Times
The New Strategic Selling Miller, Heiman
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Bradberry, Greaves
Relevance Lost Johnson, Kaplan
The Entreprenuer’s Guide to Business Law Bagley
CB Insights
The Platform Revolution Parker
Traction Wickman
Blue Ocean Strategy Kim, Mauborgne
CFO Journal WSJ
any of his books Dale Carnegie
Shoe Dog Knight
Getting Naked Lencioni
thesaascfo.com Ben Murray
Financial Management Magazine
Scaling Up Harnish
The Five Dysfunctions of a TEAM Lencioni
Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick Bradly, Hirt, Smit


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