Future Finance Organizations Will Require Modern CFOs

Recently, over 550 companies have integrated AI into their services and products (CB Insights).  AI technology is now setting the stage for increased competitiveness.  Finance must be a part of this as well for it to provide value and be relevant.  The future of finance is now. Finance organizations will require Modern CFOs to lead the way.

Scott Tynes, CEO, Consero Global

During this session, Scott Tynes, CEO Consero will share insights gained from working with numerous CFOs.  Scott’s discussion will highlight the challenges faced by the Modern CFO, why traditional solutions are failing to deliver the value expected of finance organizations and the change CFOs and their finance organizations need to undertake. During the session Scott will facilitate an interactive discussion with attendees that will explore and share the Modern CFO issues faced by attendees and their readiness to move forward. Scott is the CEO and Co-Founder of Consero Global which is a Finance as a Service (FaaS) firm. Consero runs the finance function for over 250 companies nationwide and has assessed over 1,000 finance departments over the last 12 years.

“Bringing artificial intelligence and other software into a company’s finance function can have big benefits — improving transparency and the speed of information flow, for instance — and helping CFOs shift their focus from putting out tactical fires to strategic initiatives. Seventy percent of your time can be freed up to focus on strategic initiatives.”  ~ Scott Tynes, CEO, Consero Global

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the attributes required of the Modern CFO and their organization.
  • Understand how finance is ripe for AI, the ROI it provides and what the future will hold
  • Outline 3 potential paths you can take to advance to the future finance organization

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About Speaker Scott Tynes, CEO, Consero Global
Scott is the CEO and co-founder of Consero Global which is a Finance as a Service (FaaS) firm. Consero runs the finance function for over 250 companies nationwide and has assessed over 1,000 finance departments over the last 12 years. Scott has a passion for building the best performing finance function for high-growth and mid-market businesses. Consero’s clients plug into a well-oiled finance and accounting machine vs. draining resources to recreate the wheel and build it from scratch. Prior to Consero, Scott ran finance for Trilogy Software which morphed into a private equity firm acquiring and rolling up software companies. In addition, he also had a key finance role at IBM.  Scott holds an MBA from the University of Texas and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Rice University.

About Consero Global
Consero provides a comprehensive Finance as a Service solution to growing companies.  They deliver the experienced finance professionals, customized operational processes and robust software needed to support your daily financial operations and strategic decision making.

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