“While at a macro level it’s easy to understand the motivation behind the recent policy changes,
I can’t find a single CFO who has told me it would be a positive for his or her business.”
Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council

Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFOLC was recently interviewed by CNBC on the US-China trade deal & CNBC’s recent Q3 CFO Survey results.

An excerpt “If you follow the markets, there’s been recent reason for optimism about a U.S.-China trade deal. Some investors are buying it — literally — with recent gains in stocks attributed to positive signals from the U.S. and China after a volatile August. But there’s one group of market insiders not buying the talk: corporate executives. In other words, the people who run the companies whose publicly traded shares have been rebounding.

Top executives in the U.S. and around the world are not placing bets that the U.S.-China trade war will be resolved anytime soon. In fact, corporations say they expect to feel the pain of trade tensions over the next six months, according to the third-quarter CNBC Global CFO Council survey. The quarterly survey finds CFOs around the world increasingly are worried about U.S. trade policy as a business risk factor.”   CNBC, Sept 13, 2019

Read the full article here.  

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