10 Ways An Organization Can Build A World Class Finance Team

Advice from Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFO Leadership Council

Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, The CFO Leadership Council

Today’s finance team is no longer a group in the back office, counting the dollars, reporting the numbers and ensuring internal controls are working. The finance team needs to be “WORLD CLASS“.

What is world class? Simply being the best or standard of excellence to be envied by others. There is no standard to develop a world-class finance function; however, the following steps are a process of achieving the desired result.

 “This is not an overnight process, but a journey constraint
by culture and organizational needs.

~ Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFOLC

  1. Assess your current team’s skills and identify the skills you need today and in the future.
  2. Review the roles and responsibilities to determine the best fit within your team. Identify the gaps to determine needs.
  3. Consider staff workloads and the effects of transferring workload around.
  4. Develop two organizational charts, one for the current state and the other for where you want to be.
  5. This is time to bridge the gap, bring in trusted advisors from within the organization to provide feedback and buy-in.
  6. Consider discussion with your current senior staff members (that you want to retain). Senior staff strengths should be tied to areas of improvement, communication, and technical knowledge. This is when we “map the path forward.”
  7. Change the people who do not fit the new structure.
  8. Replace staff with the senior most people who will be retained, so they become part of the hiring process.
  9. Start tracking the finance team results against key position initiatives (KPI’s).
  10. Innovate, innovate, innovate – focus on continuous improvement, progress through people, teamwork and collaboration and the use of technology and automation.

This is not an overnight process but a journey constraint by culture and organizational needs.

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