CFO to General Manager in Today’s Business World

Advice from Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFO Leadership Council

Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, The CFO Leadership Council

“Business today faces fierce competition on an international scale and has forced CFOs to become a “Master” in the delivery of the corporate strategy and driving successes.”   
~ Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFOLC

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) has become increasingly vital to a corporation, making the scope of the job broader and more complex.  How are you dealing with this dynamic change?  Are you a Tactical CFO or a Strategic CFO?  Can you think like a General Manager and look forward, or are you always looking in the rear-view mirror?

As CFOs, we are increasingly being asked to spread our knowledge and experience throughout the corporation and play a crucial role in helping navigate through challenging circumstances and the changing business landscape. We are no longer expected to be number crunchers and financial watchdogs.

Business today faces fierce competition on an international scale, changing and demanding customer base, and with the impact of technology has forced CFOs to become a “Master” in the delivery of the corporate strategy and driving successes.  This requires the CFO to be highly involved in strategic decision making and value creation – the Strategic CFO is someone who thinks like a General Manager with the skill to make sense of diverse business metrics in real-time to ensure that the corporation is going in the right direction and help the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) change course.

A Strategic CFO consistently improves their leadership and communication skills, builds world-class finance teams, leverages data capabilities and technologies helping CFOs meet business expectations that deliver more timely and accurate historical and forward-looking information and works closer with the (CEO) than in the past. They are asked to communicate more frequently and in greater detail with the Board of Directors and Shareholders.

CFOs are faced with balancing competing demands on their priorities and time, tasked with continuing to manage traditional financial responsibilities while driving corporate strategy. As a Strategic CFO, consider allocate at least 25% of your time towards developing and driving strategic plans.

The Five Part Playbook to becoming a Strategic CFO

  1. Peer networking to accelerate the learning curve to becoming a Strategic CFO. Regardless of industry, many CFO experiences the same challenges or obstacles that could come your way.  A strong peer network can help you navigate these issues.  Remember “You don’t know what you don’t know,” but others do.
  2. Analyze profit trends, product-line and customer profitability. Understand your products’ customer mix and identify opportunities to improve bottom-line performance. Determine which activities to outsource or bring in house and assess the pros and cons of alternative distribution channels.
  3. Help the CEO determine which business to invest in, harvest or exit. Know where to invest corporate resources for long term sustainable strategic value productively.  How to shift capital resources towards promising opportunities.
  4. Reassess current technologies to provide data, analysis and recommendations to the CEO other strategic decisions. Data is critical in this regard. Data analytics offer the means to shift through millions of data sets to extract the golden nuggets of information. This insight can direct the development of new or enhance products or innovations.
  5. As a Strategic CFO, consider allocating at least 25% of your time towards developing and driving strategic plans.CFOs are faced with balancing competing demands on their priorities and time. Prioritizing strategic planning will ease the task of managing traditional financial responsibilities while simultaneously trying to drive corporate strategy.

“If you want to be a Strategic CFO, get out of your office,
expand your knowledge base, and network, network, network.
Start by attending CFOLC’s 10th annual conference,
CFO Masterclass, May 11 & 12 2020.”
Stuart Pasternak, CFO Masterclass Host Committee

With the emergence of the Strategic CFO, the role of the Chief Operating Officer is being eliminated. So if you want to be a Strategic CFO, get out of your office, expand your knowledge base, talk with your customers and network, network, network. Start by attending the CFO Leadership Council’s 10th annual conference, “CFO Masterclass, “May 11 & 12 2020.

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