Preserving Liquidity in Uncertain Times ~ Latest Series from Bank of America

CFO Leadership Council is proud to align with Bank of America as a national partner.  They have you covered with new insights from working capital experts. 

During an economic downturn, working capital drives businesses forward. In this timely series, our partner experts explore treasury’s important role and strategies for navigating today’s challenges including optimizing accounts payable in an economic downturn, and strengthening your company’s working capital framework.

Optimizing Accounts Payable in an Economic Downturn

The ability to create working capital in challenging times not only helps meet immediate needs, but can position your business for future success. We can help you determine the optimal way to pay each supplier, which can yield big benefit such as:

  •  Lower costs
  •  Weeks of float
  •  New revenue streams
  •  Less manual work

Working Capital: A Post-Crisis Framework

Strengthening your company’s working capital framework is more important than ever. There are strategic decisions you can make right now to:

  •  Reduce your cost of goods sold
  •  Enhance revenue without increasing costs
  •  Speed cash velocity, cutting the costs of financing your operating cycle



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