The Agile CFO:  Innovative, Collaborative & Visionary

Executives are facing the greatest challenges of their careers. Facing these challenges requires an agile CFO with a forward-looking perspective.  Jack McCullough, President & Founder, CFO Leadership Council checks in with Darrell Cox, CFO, Vena Solutions.  

Jack is a Senior Contributor to Forbes CFO Network.  An excerpt is below.

I recently spoke to Darrell Cox, the CFO of Vena Solutions, who is working to change the perception of corporate finance from something that is routine and reactive to something that is actually exciting and proactive. Darrell is committed to empowering the next generation of financial leaders, not only within Vena, but across the finance and accounting community. To that end, he has developed a methodology he calls “The Agile CFO” which is loosely based on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (Vena develops and markets financial planning and analysis software, so this was a logical framework from which to start).

Cox considers himself the chief storyteller of the company and has changed the perception of the finance and accounting team (not just the CFO) from a group that reports history to one that helps create it. Cox emphasizes the importance of having great command over numbers, not only in finance and accounting, but across the entire enterprise. In this way, CFOs can shape the strategic direction of the entire business.

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Jack McCullough is a recognized thought leader in the field of financial leadership, with a career that has included CFO positions at 26 companies. He founded the CFO Leadership Council, a global organization dedicated to empowering senior financial executives through innovative professional development programs and peer networking. His other accomplishments include chairing the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, and creating the vision behind CFO Week, a one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience jointly executed by the CFO Leadership Council and MIT Sloan. He is a contributor to, where he writes for the CFO Network on challenges and opportunities facing financial leaders.  He is an entertaining and insightful public speaker, and has spoken to thousands of CFOs, and is frequently contacted by members of the media who appreciate his candor, insight and wit.


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