Partners Bring Critical Solutions To CFO Masterclass

The CFO Leadership Council has aligned ourselves with true industry thought leaders for this year’s conference, CFO Masterclass.  Each brings intrinsic value to the CFO community, offering unique solutions.  Our members are arguably facing the biggest challenges of their careers.  This platform will give them the opportuntiy to get real answers – real solutions – immediately.

The upcoming 3-day premiere virtual conference, CFO Masterclass is being held Nov 11-13 2020! Each year, our goal is to deliver the highest quality educational content that includes practical solutions and the opportunity to engage with peers in an open learning setting.  Our sponsors are valued experts in the finance industry and compliment CFOLC’s commitment well, helping to shape discussion topics of relevance and of high interest.

Solution Workshops are expert-led virtual roundtable discussions, This is interesting learning opportunity full of relatable topics, created with the present-day CFO in mind.  There are 40+ workshops to choose from and free for all finance leaders.  Seats are limited intentionally.  Ready to start the conversation?

CFO Masterclass — Sessions for this year’s CFO Leadership Conference will include inspiring keynotes, fireside chats and panel discussions crafted to dig deep into key leadership areas.  It is free for CFOLC Premium Members, discounted for all other CFOLC members.  Reserve your front row seat.

You’ll find each of our CFO Masterclass Partners on “stage”, in the Solution Workshops & at their booth in our virtual exhibit hall — thought leaders that will guide you towards positive outcomes. Learn a bit more about each of them below & get ready to connect with them Nov 11-13th!

“The world has dealt us all an off-speed pitch. But it doesn’t change the fact that our CFOs need the expertise and point of view of our partners. Our partners are  so committed, as we all are, to being there for our members.  What an amazing community of practitioners and subject mater experts.  Feel proud to be part of this can-do group.
Karyn Egeland, Director of Partner Relations, CFO Leadership Council

Gold Sponsors


Auxis is looking forward to connect with CFOs and their finance teams to learn their key priorities and digital transformation initiatives for 2021, and share how we can help their Finance Departments transition from a transactional-processing shop to a true enabler of business value in times when their organizations need it the most!
Fabiana Corredor, Senior Marketing Manager, Auxis

With a 23-year track record, Auxis helps CFOs modernize and achieve peak performance in their back office so they can operate at their optimal level and become more competitive, agile, and innovative in an ever more disruptive world. We focus on three primary areas: Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, and Customer Service.  Auxis solutions include a combination of consulting and nearshore outsourcing across Shared Services & BPO, Intelligent Automation (e.g. RPA), Real-Time Analytics, and more.  Recognized as a Top Global Outsourcer by IAOP, we have served hundreds of companies and built a unique delivery model that is focused on customization, flexibility, and faster speed to benefit. Our hands-on, “roll-up your sleeves” team is comprised of former industry professionals, not career consultants, that can effectively provide both operational strategy and implementation.  To learn more visit:

Auxis Solution Workshops

The Rise of Finance Outsourcing in a Post-COVID Era: Why CFOs Are More Open to Nearshoring in 2021
Nov 11th, 10:00amET

Achieving “Touchless” AP Automation with RPA and Intelligent Data Capture
Nov 11th, 11:00amET

F&A Benchmarks: Prophecy or Pretense? Leveraging Industry Data to Drive Shared Services Optimization
Nov 11th 4:00pmET

Most Common RPA Implementation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them: Going from POC to “Hyperautomation
Nov 11th 5:00pmET

CFO Masterclass
Mastering the Deployment of Today’s New Technologies
Nov 13th 11:15am-12:05pmET
Featuring:  Joe Falcao, CFO, Thrashio;  Jonathan Speed, Venture Partner, Waterman Ventures;  Guita Sharifi, CFO, Learn4Life Network;  
Raul Vega, CEO, Auxis (Moderating)


“Finance teams today need top talent to keep their business ahead of the competition.  I look forward to helping attendees learn about strategies to attract and develop the right talent to position their company for growth in the year ahead.”
Todd Cunningham, Chief People Officer, AvidXchange.

AvidXchange is the industry leader in automating invoiceandpayment processesfor mid-market businesses. Founded in the year 2000,AvidXchangeprocesses over $140 billion transactions annually across its network of more than 680,000 suppliers, transforming the way 6,000 customers in North America pay their bills. AvidXchange is distinguished as a global fintech unicorn and one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S. with 1,500 employees supporting customers across seven office locations. For more information, visit

AvidXchange Solution Workshops

Elevate Your Finance Team Through AP Automation in 2021. Achieve Greater Efficiency & Meet Your Goals
Nov 11th  10:00amET, 11:00amET, 3:00pmET, 4:00pmET

CFO Masterclass
Mastering Development of Your Finance Team
Nov 13th 2:45pm – 3:35pmET

Featuring:   Tracie Ahern, CFO, PineBridge Investments;  Terry Coelho, CFO, BioDelivery Sciences International; Christina Fisher, CFO, American Hospital Association;  Judy Romano, VP, CFO, Commercial & Technology, IHG; Todd Cunningham, Chief People Officer, AvidXchange (Moderating)


Even before the current crisis, digital transformation and new ways of working were significantly influencing the skills and capabilities finance teams need. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated that need as people and businesses now seek digital experiences and solutions more than ever.  Join my CFO Masterclass session to tease out the critical competencies to help you re-invent your finance team to master the power of technology.”
Barry Payne, Director, External Relations, Management Accounting, CGMA

Technology is changing the roles of finance teams and businesses.  This provides a great opportunity for finance to better influence decisions and make an impact. However, less than 3%* of respondents say their finance function has the skills it needs.  Introduce your team to the CGMA® Finance Leadership Program.  It offers an intuitive digital platform and compelling content that organizations use as a plug and play competency based development program.   Convenient, personalized and comprehensive, professionals develop the technical, business, leadership, people and digital skills required to support business change.  With the help of real-life case simulations and case studies this experience enhances your team’s credibility and agility creating a stronger and deeper talent pool.  Upon completing the program, team members earn the prestigious CGMA designation.

(*Finance Transformation:  The Human Perspective:   AICPA, CIMA and KPMG International – 2020).

CGMA Solution Workshops

Re-inventing your finance team to master the power of technology
Nov 11th 10:00amET, 11:00amET, 12:00pmET, 1:00pmET

CFO Masterclass
Creating and Leading Today’s Digital Finance Team
Nov 13th 12:10-1:00pmET
Featuring:  Jason Warnick, CFO, Robinhood and Barry Payne, Director External Relations CGMA (Moderating)


“CFO Masterclass gives us the opportunity to showcase how Fyle can have an impact on the challenges finance leaders face right now. Through our Workshops and panel discussion, we’ll help provide solutions to mastering financial transformation in 2020.”
Yashwanth Madhusudan, Co-Founder and CEO, Fyle

Founded in 2016, Fyle is on a mission to create the most user-friendly expense management experience in the market for both, on-the-go employees and productive finance teams. A cloud-based, API-driven platform, Fyle’s industry-first AI-powered solution provides a mobile and desktop user experience that integrates with employee-first channels including Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and WhatsApp to automate previously manual tasks associated with expense reporting, optimize productivity and harness analytics insights related to employee spend and corporate expenses. Serving more than 300 customers across over 20 countries, Fyle is backed by Steadview Capital, Tiger Global Management, Pravega Ventures, Beenext, and Freshworks.

Fyle Solution Workshops

Real-time compliance and Intelligent fraud detection
Nov 11th 10:00amET, 12:00pmET

Automating your credit card reconciliation process
Nov 11th 11:00amET, 1:00pmET

CFO Masterclass Session
Mastering Successful Business Transformation
Nov 12th, 12:30pm-1:20pmET
Featuring:  Bona Allen, CFO, Kajima Building & Design;  Mary Jefts, CFO, Salsify;  Ted Myles, CFO, Scholar Rock;  Ken Stillwell, CFO, Pegasystems; and Yashwanth Madhusudan, CEO, Fyle (Moderating)

OnPay Solutions

 “It’s more important than ever to have payment processes in place that can adapt to either in-office or remote settings. We believe in letting firms maintain control of their funds while enabling no-touch electronic payment processes, and we want to give them the expertise and tools to do that in an efficient and effective manner.”
Julie Negrete-Anderson, Founder and COO, OnPay Solutions

At OnPay Solutions, we empower CFOs to improve the lives of their accounting departments through AP automation.  Work with us and we can meet your needs for payment automation. Save time and never worry about lost or missing invoices and payment information again! AP automation allows you to enable remote, no-touch AP processes, with 24/7 access to powerful BI analytics, and approval/payment statuses.  Payment methods available include virtual cards, ACH, wire transfers, real-time payments, local check printing, and off-site check payments. Our solution works with any ERP and any bank or multiple banks. Today, we provide our solutions and services to companies of all sizes — primarily ranging from $50 million in annual revenue to the largest enterprises in the world.

Onpay Solutions Workshops

How to Generate Recurring Revenue Simply by Making Payments
Nov 11th 10:00amET, 2:00pmET

What is the Future of Supplier & Vendor Payments?
Nov 11th 11:00amET, 3:00pmET

Sage Intacct

In today’s world technology is moving fast. Keeping up with it is one thing, we’ll be touching on maximizing its effectiveness in the business, which is a totally different thing. I’m looking forward to hearing from others on the panel about their Operator Mindset!
Rauli Garcia, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct gives leaders of digital-savvy, intelligent organizations the visibility and agility to make the right data-driven decisions at the right time to steer their organizations and people to growth and recovery. As the innovation and customer satisfaction leader with over 20 years of experience as a native cloud financial management system, Sage Intacct is the only solution to earn the top score in Gartner’s Cloud Core Financial Management Suites Lower Midsize Enterprise Use Case for 4 years in a row, is the first and only preferred provider of the AICPA, and is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by G2. Tightly integrated with budgeting and planning and paired with HR and people software, Sage Intacct enables digital transformation through continuous accounting, continuous trust and continuous insight.

Sage Intacct Solution Workshops

Doing Digital Transformation RIGHT​ (Review, Invest, Gauge, Heed, Transform) What should you do NOW?
Nov 11th 2:00pmET, 3:00pmET, 4:00pmET, 5:00pmET

CFO Masterclass
Mastering the Business Operator Mindset to Deliver Result
Nov 12th ​1:25pm – 2:15pmET
Featuring: Melissa Clark, Finance Executive- Primera Engineers;  Anthony Folger, CFO, Progress Software;  Erin Horak, VP of Finance, Veracity Research Company;  Thresa Giles, CFM, MBA, Chief Business Officer, Pace Center for Girls;  Rauli Garcia, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Sage Intacct (Moderating)


“COVID-19, new regulation, migration to recurring revenue models…  Join us to discuss how these factors create a perfect storm inhibiting automation in the back office and what companies are doing right now to navigate through these times.”
Ian Michelson, Marketing Coordinator, Softrax

SOFTRAX is the market leader in revenue automation software. Based in Canton, MA, SOFTRAX is a division of AFS Technologies Inc. and has been pioneering the automation of complex revenue management since the late 1990s. With over 800 successful deployments and zero failures, SOFTRAX is dedicated to producing software solutions that save finance departments time, cost, and risk, all by enabling a high level of back office automation.

Softrax Solution Workshops

Did ASC 606 change your back-office? Could it?
Nov 11th 11:00amET

Big events bring big disruption
Nov 11th 3:00pmET, 4:00pmET

CFO Masterclass
Mastering Continuous Reporting and Real Time Information Delivery
Nov 13th 1:50pm-2:40pmET
Featuring: Alyssa Filter, CFO, Clari;  Michelle Garrison, CFO, GetixHealth;  Hemant Kumar, CFO, Sol-Millennium Medical; and Steve, Kovac, VP of Customer Success, Softrax (Moderating)

Silver Sponsors


“The Airbase team is looking forward to connecting with finance leaders and sharing ideas and resources”
Laura Grandi-Hill, Event Manager, Airbase

Finance leaders turn to Airbase for a modern spend management solution, one that includes approvals for spending, cards (physical and virtual), bill payments (checks and ACH), automatic categorizations, syncing to the general ledger, and real-time reporting. Airbase combines spend approval workflows, physical and virtual card payments, bill payments, reporting, and accounting automation into a single platform that employees love using. Airbase was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Investors include First Round Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Maynard Webb, and the Box Group.  Join us Nov 11th at 1pm to learn what factors should a company look at when considering a switch from accounting software to an ERP, how to plan for a switch from one software to another. And some additional operational and policy changes that will need to be made to accomodate a new accounting platform.

Airbase Solution Workshop

How / When to migrate to a more efficient ERP
Nov 11th 1:00pmET

Is legacy AP software a dinosaur waiting to die? And, what will take its place?
Nov 11th 2:00pmET, 3:00pmET


“The path from traditional to modern accounting is different for midsize and enterprise-level companies. That’s why BlackLine has mapped achievable routes for each company type. Our Modern Accounting Playbook delivers purpose-built solutions built on leading practices to unify data and processes, automate repetitive work, and drive accountability through visibility.  Over 3,000 companies have followed our playbook to close faster with complete and accurate results.”

Companies come to BlackLine, Inc. (Nasdaq: BL) because their traditional manual accounting processes are not sustainable. BlackLine’s cloud-based solutions and market-leading customer service help companies move to modern accounting by unifying their data and processes, automating repetitive work, and driving accountability through visibility. BlackLine provides solutions for financial close management, accounting automation, and intercompany governance, helping large enterprises and midsize companies across all industries do accounting work better, faster, and with more control.

More than 3,100 companies trust BlackLine to help them close faster with complete and accurate results. For more information, please visit

Blackline Solution Workshops

The Leading Playbook for Modern Accounting
Nov 11th 1:00pmET, 2:00pmET, 3:00pmET


Divvy is the #1 corporate card & expense management platform. We’ve combined seamless expense management software with the world’s smartest business card, so you never have to process another expense report.

Divvy helps finance teams see all spend activity from all employees in one place in real time. By unifying corporate credit cards, expense management and enforceable budgets under a single platform, companies can now track and manage corporate spending like never before, all while reducing costs with Divvy’s free software.

Divvy Solution Workshops

How Are CFOs Rethinking Status Quo Processes With Modern Fintech?
Nov 11th 12:00pmET, 1:00pmET, 2:00pmET

ELAP Services

We’re excited for our interactive session highlighting the ongoing issue of cost transparency in healthcare and what CFOs can do to bend the cost curve at their businesses. Bring your toughest healthcare cost questions and gain Dr. Marty Makary’s unique perspective as both a practicing physician and advisor to the president.”
Tom Wittick, SVP, ELAP Services  

ELAP Services provides a powerful alternative to traditional health insurance, allowing self-insured employers and their employees to take back control of their healthcare costs. ELAP’s reference-based pricing solution works in conjunction with a company’s health plan to promote the responsible and sustainable management of healthcare spending while providing concierge-level support for plan members. Founded in 2007, ELAP has over half a million members nationwide and has helped more than 500 employer sponsored health plans reduce their medical spend as much as 30%.  ELAP has earned a world-class NPS score of 78 — testament to their clients’ loyalty and satisfaction. Visit


ELAP Services Solution Workshops

Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve: Practical Advice
Nov 11th 10:00amET, 11:00amET, 12:00pmET


FloQast is a provider of accounting workflow automation created by accountants for accountants to work smarter, not harder. By automating common accounting workflows and helping to streamline and make them more efficient, FloQast is the place where accounting teams want to work so they can focus on what matters most, even when that’s just going home on time. Accounting teams can be up and running with FloQast in as little as two weeks.

Shivang Patel, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering will share how accounting workflow automation, like FloQast, can enable your team to close faster, and more accurately while working remotely. He’ll also share recommendations on how to make a virtual accounting team both efficient and effective.

FloQast Solution Workshop

How to Make a Virtual Close a Reality
Nov 11th 2:00pmET


“We’re looking forward to a dynamic discussion with finance leaders across industries where they can come together to share their experiences on how they tackled the effect of the pandemic and how they expect to recover and grow in the near future.”
Yash Divakar, Digital Transformation Consultant, HighRadius

HighRadius is a Fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that leverages Artificial Intelligence-based Autonomous Systems to help companies automate and improve Accounts Receivables and Treasury processes beyond best-in-class industry benchmarks. To learn more, please visit

HighRadius Solution Workshops

Finance Executives’ Roundtable: How to Strategize for Recovery and Digital Disruption in 2021
Nov 11th 12:00pmET, 1:00pmET, 4:00pmET


Your business is evolving. Your systems should evolve too. Achieve your goals more successfully with Prophix’s innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. Improve profitability and minimize risk when you automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters. Budget, plan, consolidate and report automatically. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, Prophix supports your future with a platform that flexes to suit your strategic realities, today and tomorrow.

Prophix Solution Workshops

How Finance Leaders Pivot from Forecasting to Scenario Planning in Unpredictable Times
Nov 11th 1:00pmET, 2:00pmET, 5:00pmET

Bronze Sponsors


Comdata helps clients build world-class payment programs by leveraging our unique capabilities as a credit card issuer, technology developer, transaction processor and payment network owner.  Comdata is a leading provider of fleet management and B2B payment solutions. As the largest fuel card provider and second largest commercial issuer of MasterCard in North America, we offer one of the most comprehensive suites of payment solutions on the market.


“We’re thrilled to be a conference partner this year to showcase our solutions to the CFOLC community. Make sure to check out Teampay, the new way to manage spend, giving you proactive controls & real-time visibility, without slowing down employees.”Peter Nesbitt, VP Finance, Teampay

Teampay’s distributed spend management platform provides a conversational interface that guides employees through requests, automatically enforcing the correct policy. By unifying the entire process from request to reconciliation, Teampay’s automated workflows reduce manual work, ensure accurate data, and eliminate the frustration of month-end close. With Teampay, you can manage all types of purchasing, made by anyone, from end-to-end. Employees love the effortless experience, and Finance teams can breathe easy knowing that all spending is pre-coded & pre-approved.

Teampay Solution Workshop

How to Prepare for the Future of Work
Nov 11th 12:00pmET

Upside Financial

Navigating through PPP loan forgiveness on your own is a nightmare. Connect with our expert team to discover the top mistakes people are making in the forgiveness process, and why you should get started on your application now.
Scott Case, CEO & Co-Founder, Upside

At Upside Financial, our mission is to make it easy for PPP loan borrowers and small community bank lenders to receive the support that they need through the PPP loan forgiveness process. As PPP borrowers ourselves, we know from our own experience how challenging the process has been and it’s only added to our motivation to create a better solution for small banks and small businesses. Together with our partner Route 66 Ventures, we have a long history of serving small business America and navigating complex federal lending programs. History has proven over and over again that the right tools and the right team can change everything, and that’s what Upside Financial offers PPP lenders and borrowers alike.

Upside Financial Solution Workshop

Don’t Get Stuck With Your PPP Loan
Nov 11th 12:00pmET

Don’t miss your chance to connect with each of these solutions partners!  For a full list of Solution Workshops (47 sessions to choose from, Nov 11th) and Conference Sessions (Nov 12 & 13), visit  While you’re there…grab your seat!  

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CFO Leadership Conference, CFO Masterclass
The CFO Leadership Council’s 10th Annual National Conference “CFO Masterclass” will be held Nov 11-13, 2020 online and is designed to be all about the CFO.  It will explore what you need to be a Masterclass CFO in today’s fast-paced disruptive world.  It will provide the specific take-aways that will give you a jump start for entering the 1st years of the 2020s decade.   This year includes two full days of programming – roundtable discussions, inspiring keynotes, and expert-led interactive panels crafted to dig deep into key leadership areas and provide you with the specific take-aways that will give you a jump start heading into the 1st years of the 2020s decade. Network and learn alongside 500+ of your peers across North America. NASBA Certified CPE Offered.  Reserve your seat today.

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