Best Private Company CFOs Of 2020

Honoring some of the best finance chiefs in the game. Jack McCullough, President & Founder, CFO Leadership Council weighs in.  Jack is a Senior Contributor to Forbes CFO Network.  An excerpt is below.

Chief financial officers performed admirably during 2020. Whether it was partnering with chief executive officers to develop new business models, being the lead communicator to employees and investors alike, providing a reassuring voice to customers, or finding a financial solution to a seemingly unsolvable financial crisis, CFOs stepped up and proved their mettle.

I want to acknowledge their accomplishments by honoring some of the best finance chiefs in the game. Truthfully, the question of who the very best is cannot be answered any more than we can determine who the greatest quarterback of all time is (scratch that analogy, everyone knows it’s Tom Brady). With so many outstanding CFOs in this moment, choosing the best is a daunting task, but I’ve selected six who I believe went above and beyond in service to their organization.

These six CFOs provided their organizations with the leadership, executive presence, and strategic thinking that kept their companies strong throughout these long, difficult months and worked hard to reposition their company for future success. Two are from public companies, two from privately-held companies and two are from nonprofits.

Today I will focus on the CFOs from privately-held companies. Tomorrow I will continue with two CFOs from public companies and on Thursday will conclude this series with the final two from the nonprofit sector. The CFOs I will feature today are Mich Chandlee, the CFO of Fanatics, and Jason Warnick, the CFO of Robinhood. Fanatics and Robinhood are among the hottest private companies in the world, and their CFOs were instrumental in their success. Below are my interviews with Mich and Jason.

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About Jack McCullough

Jack McCullough is a recognized thought leader in the field of financial leadership, with a career that has included CFO positions at 26 companies. He founded the CFO Leadership Council, a global organization dedicated to empowering senior financial executives through innovative professional development programs and peer networking. His other accomplishments include chairing the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, and creating the vision behind CFO Week, a one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience jointly executed by the CFO Leadership Council and MIT Sloan. He is a contributor to, where he writes for the CFO Network on challenges and opportunities facing financial leaders.  He is an entertaining and insightful public speaker, and has spoken to thousands of CFOs, and is frequently contacted by members of the media who appreciate his candor, insight and wit.


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