Making Your DEI Program Impactful

Executives recognize Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs as a strategic imperative in 2021.  In his latest Forbes article, Jack interviews CB Bowman, CEO at Workplace Equity & Equality.  Jack is a Senior Contributor to Forbes CFO Network and looks at the challenges and opportunities facing CFOs today.

Chief financial officers and their teams have identified the creation of a more inclusive workplace as a priority for 2021 and beyond. But this challenge is different from others they have faced, and they are looking for guidance to make Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) a profitable investment for their organizations. I recently spoke with CB Bowman, a thought-leader in the field of DEI, who has helped dozens of organizations create more inclusive workplaces. Our conversation is below.

Jack McCullough: CB, DEI is clearly an imperative for CFOs in today’s climate. You have expertise in the area, so I’d like to talk to you about a pragmatic approach to not only launching a DEI program, but making sure it’s successful in the long-term.

CB Bowman: There is always excitement in launching a new program especially one that has as its foundation social injustice in the workplace. The question becomes how to sustain the excitement and commitment, especially if the excitement and commitment was driven by pressure and fear. We need to focus on creating change focused on a sense of belonging, trust, and our empathetic network.

McCullough: If fear is the motivator, that usually subsides. How do leaders keep the momentum going?

Bowman: How do you refresh and reset? The first thing that happens when fear sets in, we automatically go to solution. And the solution is fast-paced, not well thought out, and temporary. It’s like putting a Band-aid on a cut, right?

That is very much the wrong approach, and that usually comes from the top of the organization. ‘Let me fix this fast so it will go away, it will heal, and then I can move on to my real job.’ That is absolutely the wrong approach to take in crisis mode.

Crisis and fear are tied together as crisis provides fuel for fear. For each situation, a leader must understand how and why they are linked together for each situation they are trying to solve i.e., fear of Covid presents differently from race discrimination.


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