Building Tomorrow’s Finance Team

New skills and capabilities are required by Finance, new expectations by finance teams, and the Gen Z wave is now here.  CFOs are focused on creating cultures that promote individuality, reinvention, and adaptiveness.  CFOs are rethinking their strategies and approaches to rebuild their finance talent model. A key objective is to attract, engage and retain Gen Z to build the next wave of finance leaders.

“Some CFOs tend to focus on the “new generation”. It’s important to understand generational differences. Successful CFO’s are team builders. Which means being capabilities focused, creating a supportive, performance-driven culture and getting all generations of the team working seamlessly.  The best teams I have seen have a united mindset that’s Zen like”
John Gimpert, Conference Co-Chair & National Content Director, CFO Leadership Council

It’s about blending

CFOs will need to focus on creating the right culture across the team. Understand the uniqueness of each generation and what is important to them. Gen Z and millennials, for example, want an employer who cares about their wellbeing. While Gen X and Baby Boomers want the organization’s leadership to be ethical. Find creative ways to blend these traits and integrate these themes into every stage of the employee life cycle.

Become a culture creator

Get your teams onboard by coaching your managers to communicate and deliver on your organizations’ promise. Put a positive spin on this and discuss the benefits of shaping the culture effectively. Learn how to be a culture creator. Spend time studying the different traits and uniqueness of each generation. To develop the next generations of leaders, CFOs should be asking what the younger generations want from the workplace. Use that collective data to then create a thriving company culture.

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