5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Conference

The virtual world certainly exploded onto the scene and is here to stay.  The rise in virtual conferences continues!  They are a bit different from a live event experience, but they do bring some real advantages to the table.  Applying some basic practices, using the right framework and making subtle adjustments, you will certainly get the most out of your virtual experience.  Here are just a few simple steps to get you started.

# 1  Make your game plan

Typically you gain access to the platform a few days before the event.  Spend time getting comfortable with the platform and all the areas available.  There’s typically a wealth of information right at your fingertips.  Carefully review the agenda.  Map out your time and add sessions into your calendar, especially your “can’t miss” picks (the reasons you registered).  Draft some key questions you’d like to pose to speakers.  No microphone needed.  You have the front row seat and easy access.  Take advantage of that function.  Read through all the information you were sent previously from the event organizer. A lot of time goes into planning these, so make sure you don’t miss any important details or features available to you.  Occasionally there’s incentives for attendees to log in early – prizes, information & a bit of fun. 

# 2  Be “game day” ready

Just as you would a live event, change up your surroundings.  A different vantage point will offer you a fresh perspective.  Get comfortable.  After all, it is one of the perks of virtual. Listen to your body.  Move around on occasion.  Stretch if needed.  You are not in a hotel ballroom with “eyes” on you or the worry about any sound you make that could be distracting.  AND – Avoid the temptation to “multi-task”.  Notify your team members.  Put “out of office” on your email.  You made the time commitment & investment, so you owe it to yourself to truly dedicate yourself to this experience.   

# 3  Take advantage of the recordings!

One major benefit of virtual platform is the access to recordings.  Most virtual platforms have a blend of live & recorded sessions and make all sessions available to attendees for an extended period of time. (If that’s noted in your registration, make note of the expiration date!)  Make it a point to watch the segments you may have missed.  Schedule time to watch your favorite sessions again. So many times in the live event, you miss poignant points that were made.  It does take a few times for takeaways to sink in.  Binge watch.  It’s a thing!

# 4  Connect with other attendees

This is a big reason you attend conferences, right?  Make the most of your time.  Take advantage of every opportunity the platform offers to interact with other attendees.  Networking is typically built into the agenda. Be deliberate and set those into your calendar.  Reach out to those you know.  Make it a point to connect with some that you may not (similar industry, background, title perhaps).  Lastly, if you know someone in your circle that is also attending, schedule time to connect with them after the event to discuss takeaways and share inspiration.   

# 5  Make time to visit the sponsor area

Sponsors are typically hand-picked to compliment the overall theme and the audience’s objectives.  They are very much an integral part of your community/industry and bring real, genuine solutions to the table.  They may understand your business better than you do, with access to research and the latest industry news available to you.  The virtual platform allows each sponsor to also bring their top notch thought leaders along as well.  Take advantage of that kind of access. The virtual platform makes visiting that area super easy and guilt free.  You can visit on your own time and gather the information that is top of mind for you. No line.  No waiting.  And – they may even have some fun swag to offer.  Who doesn’t love swag?!?


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About A New Hope

Our 11th annual CFO Leadership Conference, A New Hope is being held June 7-9, 2021.  A virtual 3-day experience with a theme of breakout energy, forward progress, growth & achievement! This year’s conference is about the initiatives CFOs are taking on as they face off to today’s new reality.  CFOS are moving quickly to position their finance function and company for success. Our conference will bring to you the finance executives who are undertaking these initiatives and executing on them flawlessly with success. They will share their stories in leadership.  Reserve your spot today!  www.cfolc.com/conference

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