During the COVID pandemic, the world’s regulatory processes have finally become digitized. Old fashioned paper-based work has been replaced by online processes leading to greater efficiencies. However, digitalization also allows regulators worldwide to process large volumes of data using AI and related technology. As a result, the volume of information required to be reported has also dramatically increased, leading to an additional burden on hard-pressed businesses. In this article we flag the major regulatory changes that are now in effect worldwide, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses.


About the Author

Dr. Shan Nair is an entrepreneur and consultant on international expansion. He was the first to spot and develop the niche market of International Expansion Services (IES) which was previously fragmented. In the process he has worked with many companies in their early stages who have since become household names such as Tesla Motors, FaceTime and Sonus Networks. His role is to promote the services offered by Nucleus and to work with the management team to ensure a high level of technical excellence and client care is maintained at all times.

Nucleus is unique in that it provides true one stop, multi-disciplinary, multi-country shopping for companies seeking international expansion or with international operations. A single experienced Client Services Director and an Accounting Manager will be your sole points of contact for all of your foreign consulting needs – you will not need to chase multiple accountants, lawyers and HR consultants in different geographies or have a single contact point with little expertise acting simply as a postbox. The Client Services team is backed by staff at senior and mid-management level each having more than a decade of experience in providing IES services.

Shan has a doctorate in nuclear physics from the University of Oxford. He has received multiple recognitions for his contribution to business in the US, UK and India.

About Nucleus

Nucleus is a one-stop resource for U.S. companies who wish to either expand or contract internationally. Our services are tailored to each client’s distinct needs and we provide general and administration solutions for virtually any country worldwide. Our HR expertise includes production of local country compliant employment documentation, advice on typical benefits and their implementation/subsequent management, payroll as well as help with immigration for expats and termination issues.  We therefore help you make decisions, implement them and then run the local international entities in compliance with local regulations to minimize your risks.

We are a group of experienced consultants – each of us has spent at least the last decade supporting the foreign operations of privately funded or public technology companies in both international expansionary and contractionary modes.

We work exclusively on businesses crossing frontiers and our experience is therefore unrivalled. Our support to you is, therefore, focused and our response is always rapid.

Nucleus considers itself to be part of your team and not as an external advisor. We provide the highest possible level of client care. We also can integrate multi-disciplinary issues as part of our solutions.

Starting with your company’s strategic objectives, Nucleus helps the business to quickly navigate foreign country regulations enabling you to efficiently setup day to day operations and provides a full range of support for all start-up activities, advising on HR, payroll, international accounting, tax, compliance and legal issues. Our integrated solutions mean you always have your own advisor available with the necessary specialized skills you may need.

Nucleus Contact:

Rohit Tarkunde, Director of Business Development, Silicon Valley

[email protected]



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