Picture this: you’re working at your desk, just like any other normal weekday.

Your notification bell dings and suddenly there’s an email in your inbox that, though it looks somewhat suspicious, mentions a C-suite executive, client, or other internal information. It could be important, so you click the link or download the attached file.

Your screen goes black and a pop up window comes up demanding money in exchange for your company data.

This situation may sound straight out of a 90’s cybercrime movie, but it happens every day. It’s called ransomware.

Ransomware is responsible for 23% of all cyberattacks on businesses (according to the 2021 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index), making it the most popular form of cybercrime.

But how does ransomware affect your business and, more importantly, how can you prevent it from happening?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

  • What is ransomware?
  • How does ransomware affect your business?
  • How can you prevent ransomware?


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