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Customer Impact Guides the Digital Transformation Journey

Customer Impact Guides the Digital Transformation Journey Amidst a rapidly changing global economy, Tina Wang, Vice President of Product Marketing at Sage Intacct, offers insights on how to elevate the work of your finance team and harness the opportunities digital...

International Regulations Respond to Accelerated Global Trends

  During the COVID pandemic, the world’s regulatory processes have finally become digitized. Old fashioned paper-based work has been replaced by online processes leading to greater efficiencies. However, digitalization also allows regulators worldwide to process...

Modern Fintech Helps the Finance Suite


5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Conference

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Conference The virtual world certainly exploded onto the scene and is here to stay.  The rise in virtual conferences continues!  They are a bit different from a live event experience, but they do bring some real advantages to...

Leading Digitalization When Failure Is Not An Option

Leading Digitalization When Failure Is Not An Option CFOs are stepping in to play an important role when it comes to digitalization.  As a strategist you are influencing your company’s digitalization efforts so strategic financial performance initiatives can be...

Actionable Insights For Today’s Finance Leaders

Actionable Insights For Today's Finance Leaders For many, 2020 will be a year that is long remembered. The economy, governments, businesses, and individuals have been severely impacted. With the vaccine rollout, there is now hope of recovery. But the impacts realized...


  An excerpt from the book The Transition Game, written by CFOLC member Greg Olney. For more information on Olney, scroll down. Distractions The reason that people drive so horribly when they have cell phones next to their ear is that the cell phone cuts out the peripheral view. Someone might think that cutting out the peripheral view would lend to focus, but it doesn’t. Cutting out the peripheral diverts attention away from multiple points of view. You may need multiple points of view to properly assess your position. Without multiple vantage points, most good decisions cannot be made. Distraction

GDPR Part IV – Maintenance

  Well, the end of May is here and GDPR is now in effect. Realizing that all along, I’ve stated that the articles that I’ve written are a three-part series, I find myself needing to write one last article on the Regulation. Actually, the conversation with my compliance manager went something like this “Sue-you’ve written a series of articles telling everyone how to prepare for GDPR. How can you not write about what to do after the Regulation goes into effect? You’re doing a disservice to the industry.” This discussion occurred over and over and over until I finally gave

Regular Fear

  An excerpt from the book The Transition Game, written by CFOLC member Greg Olney. For more information on Olney, scroll down. Regular Fear The Transition Game[1] reviewed a list of questions regarding fear. The answers to these questions may lend some insight into what limits people and prompts them to inaction. The questions ask each of us to think back on the situations when we plainly did the wrong thing and what we were afraid of that caused it? Were you afraid of: Looking foolish? Someone causing you harm? What someone would think of you? How your family would

GDPR Part III – Technology Is Your Friend

  It’s now May 2018. The Regulation’s grace period is over on the 25th – is your company ready for GDPR? In this series of articles, I started out by trying to clarify the ambiguity of The Regulation. Last month’s article discussed the staggering fines for non-compliance. For this month, the discussion will be on the impact to the business and how technology can help in achieving compliance. Let’s start with an important process that should be a part of every company – Access Control and end with other types of technology that should be considered to meet the needs

Making A Difference ~ Supply And Demand Re-Imagined from Boston member Joyce Welsh, CFO, BrightWork

  If you’re like me, you are pretty fulfilled in your career, but there is still a desire to do... more. Do you ever sit at your desk wishing that your role might help the greater good?  I used to imagine that someday I could run a charity, work for the Red Cross in an impoverished country, or help provide computers to children who could not afford them. I wanted to add a contribution to the world, but where could I find the time in my daily life? I had a family and commitments and responsibilities. There was no way I

Upskilling Your Team for Digital Transformation from Tatum's President, Macon Albertson

  This article was authored by Macon Albertson, President, Tatum Associates, a proud national sponsor of The CFO Leadership Council. Part 1: The Value — and Stakes — of Upskilling Digital transformation is changing the fabric of nearly every industry. A first wave of automation, to a large extent oriented toward physical work in highly structured and predictable environments, has already swept through and dramatically changed industries like manufacturing, hospitality, food service and retail. But plenty of traditional white-collar work was significantly reorganized by that first wave, too, particularly jobs involving relatively straightforward data collection and processing. Think of the