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Actionable Insights For Today’s Finance Leaders

Actionable Insights For Today's Finance Leaders For many, 2020 will be a year that is long remembered. The economy, governments, businesses, and individuals have been severely impacted. With the vaccine rollout, there is now hope of recovery. But the impacts realized...

The Five Tech Questions CFOs Should Ask

The New Tech Agenda CFOs need to lead to guide their organizations to make smart technology investments that deliver competitive results.  The CFOs are now working with the executive leadership team and Boards to guide in the deployment of technology that aligns with...

Building Tomorrow’s Finance Team

Building Tomorrow's Finance Team New skills and capabilities are required by Finance, new expectations by finance teams, and the Gen Z wave is now here.  CFOs are focused on creating cultures that promote individuality, reinvention, and adaptiveness.  CFOs are...

Making Your DEI Program Impactful, Jack McCullough’s Latest in Forbes

Making Your DEI Program Impactful Executives recognize Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs as a strategic imperative in 2021.  In his latest Forbes article, Jack interviews CB Bowman, CEO at Workplace Equity & Equality.  Jack is a Senior Contributor to Forbes...

CFO As Provider Of New Insights

CFO as Provider of New Insights In today’s quickly changing environment, leading CFOs recognize their organizations can only realize nimbleness if Finance becomes the provider of fresh rapid insights. Delivery of these insights can lead to competitive advantage. In...

Creating A New Workspace

Creating A New Workspace CFOs are moving to transition to today’s new workplace. They are addressing the need for “smart” buildings, adjusting to new work styles, meeting safety concerns, maintaining a common culture and reducing excess real estate capacity. How...

Creative Leadership Skills for the Current Climate

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch Being a leader is a commitment. You are charged with guiding and supporting your team through the good times and the bad. Creative leaders can make enormous contributions through a focus on concentration and self development. So what does this mean exactly? During a recent webcast with Steve Wolff, a CFO for healthcare, technology & SaaS companies, as well as co-chair of our Chicago chapter, breaks down why it’s so important for leaders to commit,

How the #MeToo Movement is Changing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The climate of the workplace is ever-changing, but a recent shift that was spurred by the #MeToo movement is making it extremely important for companies and employees to pay even closer attention. With numerous states enacting new laws and legislation to respond to the public spotlight on sexual harassment and assault, C-suite level employees should strive to understand the transformation taking place. First, it’s important to understand what the #MeToo movement is and how it’s defined. While its name has many local and international alternatives, at its core the movement is fighting against sexual harassment and sexual assault. #MeToo initially

It’s Here! CFOLC Launches Brand New Website

The CFO Leadership Council has some exciting news we’d like to share. Our website,, has been completely redesigned and upgraded. Beyond the fresh new look, some of the improved features include: •    Comprehensive and customizable calendar of CFOLC events in the US and Canada; •    Easily accessible resources and trending articles; •    Members-only access to our content library of webcasts, blog posts and video recordings of select programs; •    Simpler platform for engaging with your peers, both in-person and online; and •    Extensive membership benefits section making it easier than ever to join. “We’re excited to offer the finance